it’s a rona holiday and most people seem to have gotten a gift

how many people know someone who currently has the rona?

some died; others lived to tell the tale.
with this new omarion omicron variant dancing in these lungs,
it seems more people are catching it at higher rates.
my friends and i been trying to 2-step out that bitch’s way.
i was telling someone today that…

…we all might end up getting it eventually.
we don’t know HOW this will affect our bodies.
some might have lightweight symptoms,
be asymptomatic,
or will end up needing to be hospitalized.
the un-vaxxed think they will be fine off vitamin c and prayer.
we have seen how many of them have died and others survived.
it’s a really scary thing.
when biden said it was gonna be a dark winter...


…he wasn’t even cappin.

lowkey: i’m glad i didn’t travel anywhere.
look at this shit.

imagine getting stuck with no idea of when or how to get home?
during a plague?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “it’s a rona holiday and most people seem to have gotten a gift”

  1. Went out to eat Christmas Eve with my best friend & her friend, her friend tested positive for “Omarion” Sunday, my best friend started getting symptoms Monday morning.

    I have to wait to get tested and have no symptoms, ugh hopefully I’m negative, I’m just ready for this sh!t to be over!!!

      1. So many people are still unvaxed and everywhere I go nobody is wearing masks. Then many people haven’t gotten a booster shot either but are walking around, no mask, as if they did. Whether it’s in stores, in restaurants, in the subway, in the airport, on a plane recently, etc. and then at family gatherings, people decided Covid was over or it didn’t matter. I’m like WTF? This virus is still killing people and making them very sick. Just read up about Long Covid. It’s so horrible I don’t know why people won’t take it seriously but I also get that people are tired of masking and being told to do this and that. Even if doing so will save your life and others’ lives.

  2. You can do what you want with your body, but when you just nasty with it and effecting my body, then we have a problem thats gon get yo ass whopped.

  3. Omarion busting in everybody throat these days. These numbers is starting to look like the first time it came around. The un-vaxxed fail to realize that when they don’t get the shot and get it, pass it on to somebody who got the shot, it mutates. It turns into another variant. People will constantly need boosters as long as people are not taking shots. Its going to continue to mutate.

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