my thoughts about the final episode of hbo’s insecure, okay?!

for 5 years,
insecure became my “must-see” tv.
i damn near told everyone who didn’t watch to tune in asap.
karaoke and i were huge stans that would talk about the show ad-nauseam.
i never thought i’d see it come to an end so soon tbh.
there were so many more stories and experiences to explore.
black twitter needed another season or two to come alive on sunday nights.
the series finale was last night and well…
spoilers ahead btdubs…

So I’ll start with some positive thoughts

kudos to issa rae for creating television that truly highlighted the “30s and black” experience.
her team of writers created a story between four early 30s black vixens,
trying to navigate their way in the turbulent world of their love lives and careers.
many of us know those stories and are currently experiencing them.
the way the show was shot,
the humor,
and the beautifully styled melanin brought to life our viewing experience.
the first 3 seasons of the show were iconic and got us deep in our feelings.
that being fonted,
when you compare the first season…

The final season wasn’t good to me.

so you mean to tell me that issa broke up with lawrence on 5×1,
because he had a break baby with another vixen,
but ended up getting back with him only to play stepmom?
what was the point of breaking up?

it ended with them living together but there was no engagement or even a “we are married” jump scene.
i was so sick of them shoving nathan down our throats.
nathan was a “one and done“.
issa should have gotten with an entirely new wolf that had some interesting drama.
she makes dumb mistakes so why not make one with sexy ass crewnshawn?

Bad enough…

they packed a whole bunch of experiences and moments in about 52 minutes.
a whole season of random things that happened,
that i don’t even remember,
but the show wanted to come to life by the second to last episode.
all these random time skips could have taken place throughout the whole season.

molly’s mom could have died during the stroke episode.
her dying on the final episode made no sense to me.
she was some random who showed up the last season we didn’t know to truly mourn.
she got her happy ending but it was with her boss who she couldn’t stand.
issa gonna have folks trying to fuck their co-workers and bosses for their happy endings.

suddenly he becomes her prince charming?
it wasn’t even a developed storyline either.
it was on some “i’m depressed but wow you’re hot” hook-up.

 kelli and her (fine ass) wolf,
her invisible baby,
tiffany’s non-existent postpartum,
and having another baby in a state she hates…
it was so many characters that could have had their stand-alone episodes.

i didn’t cry during the final episode because i usually bawl at stuff like this.
i wasn’t sad because i haven’t been feeling the season.
i was scared to watch because i felt i would have been disappointed.
i was.
i might have expected more so don’t go on my opinions.
if you liked it then i love that for you.
one of my favorite shows ended like all the other shows on hbo.
similar to game of thrones,
i’ll pretend that the final season of insecure didn’t happen and create my ending in my head.

14 thoughts on “my thoughts about the final episode of hbo’s insecure, okay?!

  1. By the third episode, I wasn’t feeling the season. She got hit with the 5th Season bug. It took too long to come back, that was due to Covid. Like you said, the time jumps should’ve started from the beginning. You get to see what happened between all of them but they did the time jumps backwards. I don’t think Issa was really feeling this season because it was “put together” not like the rest of the show where it took time. They took time with the seasons. This was, oh well series over, let’s put a time jump rush the stories and call it quits, the end.

    What was the purpose of bringing Nathan back into the picture only for him to break up with her. That time could’ve been focused on Daniel, or somebody else. It was clear she was never over Lawrence, when you are done with somebody, you could care less what they are doing even if it does show up on your timeline. When Crenshawn dissed her after that event, there was no way he was going to do anything romantic or sexual with Issa. He basically called her a sellout and there is no way he was going to end up with her. No Jada Pinkett moment for Issa. I didn’t feel the anticipation of waiting or wanting more. It felt done by the time Nathan and Issa got together. He wasn’t even fully in it, it was more, “ok”. I was done with that.

  2. Great points, Jamari. I also felt it didn’t even go near another reality, which is accomplished Black women deciding they don’t need a man and creating a life and taking up a career and moving forward. At least one of the four–Issa–could have gone that route. Instead, all four end up coupled in pretty conventional heteronormative relationships, which of course is cool but Issa could have thrown us a curve or given us a surprise. Nathan was nice to look at but I was over his emotional fragility. After his disappearance it would have been, Nope. I kind of got Issa’s reconnecting with Lawrence but as you say, it felt like it was all stitched together to wrap things up. Lastly, I hoped they’d bring fine Daniel back, but no such luck. Overall, though, I loved Insecure. It felt like a far more mature sibling to Girlfriends, Harlem, and my favorite from years ago, Living Single.

  3. I agree Jamari. Def can’t say that this was my fav season…

    Issa always said she only wanted it to go on for so long. HBO would still be down if Issa stuck around.

    I liked that Nathan wasn’t a flash in the pan, because they highlighted his issues without constantly having bipolar written in the script. One minute we’re apt hunting and next week ur worried about my ex being at the same partying! Issa really tried to rock w him but he would always get in their way and find a way to bail.

    While I def felt that the season could’ve been full of episodes focused on a lot of what was squeezed into the finale, and that real life doesn’t always exactly end up w smiles and bows on top for the whole crew (esp simultaneously), considering how rarely we get to see layered, flawed, authentic black characters developed on TV, I wasn’t mad at everyone winning.

  4. As much as I liked the season, I was VERY disappointed in the finale. The documentary was good, however. I liked it better than the finale episode. Still rooting for all the actors and looking forward to what they do next…

  5. Agreed with everything you said Jamari. This season was dry as if they found out at the last minute they had a short amount episodes.

  6. I love Nathan’s character so I was sad that their relationship ended. I get his trippin’ about Issa’s attachment to Lawrence but he needed to see that she was w/him not Lawrence because she loved him for him. I love Lawrence too but seeing them get back together just felt like Issa was ‘settling’ for him. You can still love someone w/o being w/them imo.

    I enjoyed this season but the finale just seemed like the antithesis of all the show is really about. The fact they made it all about happily ever after didn’t sit well w/me. Oh well. I’m looking forward to what new projects Issa does in the future though.

  7. Comparing this to GOT’s last season is a huge stretch haha It was probably the show’s weakest season but it wasn’t, like, horrific unlike… lol

    I loved the finale. I guess I like happy endings (that feel earned)

  8. I wasn’t feeling this season either I can see why they called it quits This season should have been rolled up with last and it would have had an more of an impact Issa had accepted or gotten over her insecurity Her pursuit of that was the whole point of the show Once she did that it turned into a soap opera
    Another thing is the fairy tale ending It would have been more realistic if Issa and Molly never made up and she never got back with Lawrence Nathan was cast aside abruptly
    I realized that Issa was rather self absorbed and tended to blame others for her narcism Writers like that type of character so they can play the woe is me card All through the episodeshe kept telling Nathan she loved him when actually he was her backup since she didn’t have Lawrence
    Season 1 throgh 3 was cool Season 4 started to sag and this was my least favorite My favorite moment will alwys be when that guy shot his load on her face and her extreme reaction Didn’t know women had an issue with that He was so cute he could have done that all night to me LOL

  9. I think it was rushed, too
    I didn’t have any emotional attachment to the episode the last episode with the fight between her lovers had me excited but this let me down..

    The best season to me was the season the year before they had the break. Can’t remember if that was 2 or 3.

    I thought Issa continuing to date after contacting Lawrence was weird bc it wasn’t introspective there was too much telling not
    Enough showing. Lawrence wasn’t in a serious relationship so why didn’t he just tell issa he wanted to be with her? Why did it take her dating other men and phone tag to finally get them together . it wasn’t developed – was all of this over the span of a year ? Two years? five?

    I def think Issa was just over it and wanted to move onto new ventures so we got a #HereYaGo 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. ^you can tell issa was over it tbh

      she has other things lined up anyway so it was better that this ended.
      i’ll tune into “rap shit” when it premieres.

  10. I enjoyed the whole season. I really could relate to a lot of the situations from reconnecting with my best friend to trying to figure out my personal life. Because the show is 30 mins it was understandable that there were numerous time jumps. It was great to see these black women evolve, survive and win. Will really miss this show.

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