ari fletcher doesn’t like you not liking her fetish for guns being pulled on her

ari fletcher.
i asked “who?” when i got the story.
rapping wolf sex toy?
check box here.
i like a wolf who will tell my ass to sit down when i’m doing too much.
jamari can have a mouth and do too much when i’m annoyed.
ill find a seat when he looks at me crazy and got a little bass in that voice.
i like that sexy shit just don’t put your hands on me.
i don’t like anyone pulling guns on me because i’m leaving due to their nonsense tho.
ari does because she spoke about it in her interview with “dont call me white girl“:

that little snippet got everyone riled up including domestic abuse survivors.
this is how she chose to respond to her critics on ig live…

“you’re ugly and you don’t even have a man,
first of all…”
my favorite line was:

“No one wants to pull a gun on you especially to not leave.”

she is as ignorant as my sister.
i swear my sister will try to shade you with some weak shit like this.

Story-time: I’ll never forget one of my many fights with my sister in here.
She caught herself saying,
“And this is why you ain’t got Mum’s money anymore.”
neither do you and you’re sleeping on a bed with no sheets right now.
TF are you ain’t talkin about?

 ari’s wiki said she is a “businesswoman” but she ain’t about her business.
speaking down to potential fans who are survivors of domestic abuse?
“nobody cares!”
i’m sure nobody cares because society loves giving platforms to ignorant folks.
as soon as they show their (un)natural asses,
it’s all shocked and appalled.
folks create these monsters off some tits,
and rapper’s breeding.

enjoy your hot buttered and smothered fuckery to go.

7 thoughts on “ari fletcher doesn’t like you not liking her fetish for guns being pulled on her

  1. I can promise you that nobody knows any of them outside the usa because i’m reading this asking myself who is she ? Who is her man ? Who is her ex ? Who are these people for real ?

    Bu anyway i’m not suprise she responded the way she did, what can she lose really ? She’s apparently a baby mama / rapper’s girlfriend, that’s the new it job, so she doesn’t have anything to lose, she can say all the shit she wants and be stupid all day

  2. I dwell in Rachet-ness from time to time, so for those that don’t know; She’s a ghetto chick from Chicago that got with The medium-famous rapper “G-herbo”. They have a kid together and as He got semi-famous, She got “IG famous” (cause she’s light-skinned, was with a rapper & was alot prettier before all the surgery) Once that relationship ended she got with the actually-famous rapper “Moneybagg Yo” so now she’s really thinks her shit don’t stink cause the nigga buys her cars, clothes & clout. Her attitude is notoriously disgusting & reeks of low education whenever she goes off on Social media (which she does alot)

  3. Proper education is essential . Ari is simply an example a young lady who is lacking knowledge of the weight speaking her mind can do young girls who follow her.

    Parents must educate , speak and remain vigilante of the content their children absorb.

  4. First of all…” Who the hell are these ppl?” Every other day there’s a new batch of weird ass random “celebrities” popping up out of the blue, do they come from YouTube or Tik Tok? Like how are these ppl famous?

  5. Is it because she’s fucking a rapper? Is it because she has this generations aspirational run-of the-mill bought body? Is it because she wears tacky, skin tight, luxury clothing? What is it about this talentless, bad attitude having, pie-faced ass lil girl that keep people engaged?

  6. As a clean-cut, straight-edge guy that “bad boy” energy used to appeal to me.

    But it’s literally just boys throwing tantrums.

    Nothing is truly sexy about someone who is insecure.

    A secure man knows what he brings to the table and isn’t threatened.

    Also, someone who truly loves you will want you to be happy even if it’s now with them.

    People confuse emotionally immature anger-issue boys with “real men”. Real men are slow to anger and protect/defend.

    it’s hot until he tries to kill you because if he can’t have you, than “no n!gga will”.

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