ari fletcher doesn’t like you not liking her fetish for guns being pulled on her

ari fletcher.
i asked “who?” when i got the story.
rapping wolf sex toy?
check box here.
i like a wolf who will tell my ass to sit down when i’m doing too much.
jamari can have a mouth and do too much when i’m annoyed.
ill find a seat when he looks at me crazy and got a little bass in that voice.
i like that sexy shit just don’t put your hands on me.
i don’t like anyone pulling guns on me because i’m leaving due to their nonsense tho.
ari does because she spoke about it in her interview with “dont call me white girl“:

that little snippet got everyone riled up including domestic abuse survivors.
this is how she chose to respond to her critics on ig live…

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Daddy (Teach Me)

“i believe the children are our future.
teach them well and let them lead the way…”

that is one of my favorite songs from the late,
whitney houston.
“the greatest love of all”.
the cubs of today are the leaders for tomorrow.
it is up to us to teach them.
well this father is teaching his cubs black history,
among other things.
i saw the following video on tumblr and it left me to wonder…

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Victor Cruz Nearly Got Pumped Full of Lead


This face belongs to a very special Meat of My Minute I posted a while back.
That face is also a face I want to ride in the near future…
Although that is not the point of this entry.

That very well symmetric face was nearly riddled with bullets couple days back.

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