Daddy (Teach Me)

“i believe the children are our future.
teach them well and let them lead the way…”

that is one of my favorite songs from the late,
whitney houston.
“the greatest love of all”.
the cubs of today are the leaders for tomorrow.
it is up to us to teach them.
well this father is teaching his cubs black history,
among other things.
i saw the following video on tumblr and it left me to wonder…


Is ^that okay?

there are plenty of whites who teach their cubs just how to hunt.
one of the reasons why so many animals are becoming extinct today.
no one is up in arms when “mary kate” shoots and guts a whole polar bear.

that’s a whole nother story.this father is educating them and  how to handle weapons.
i wonder what the mother thinks?
i’m guessing she is the one filming.
it’s pretty interesting,
and i can sense a ton of outrage about it,
but i’m actually allowing it.

Would it be different if it was white cubs at the shooting range?

…or would we brush it off as “that’s white folks shit”?

lowkey: i’m impressed at how they can reload those guns so quick.
we need to teach the cubs self defense as well.
it reminds me of a a scary movie i watched a while ago…

 the plot twist tho>>>

6 thoughts on “Daddy (Teach Me)

  1. I personally have no problem with this but recording it was a bad idea because unfortunately the standards are different for us as black americans this would be viewed as a radical act and unfortunately other blacks will feel the same way because we all have different ideas for how we approach different situations and this is indeed a very controversial approach but I just hope him and his family will be ok.

  2. young kids and guns USUALLY ends in tragedy. hopefully he keeps the gun locked up and out of reach. God forbid he’s not around and the kid goes looking for the gun to play with or show to a friend/cousin…and somebody ends up dead.
    Yeah, it’s ok to teach them about guns…but take them to a gun store or gun range.

    And I agree, videotaping it can come back to haunt him. CPS may be paying him a visit.

  3. Interesting. I wouldn’t have film it nor posted it on social media.

    Other than that good luck.

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