RIP Harry Uzoka

when you’re special,
folks recognize this once you have passed on.
harry uzoka,
a model wolf,
was special.
that is what folks that knew him keep fonting on twitter.
i am just hearing about him now,
sadly during a tragic circumstance,
but he had such a presence in the modeling shots i’ve seen.
he life was taken from himyesterday.
“the daily mail” has the story…
A male fashion model has been stabbed to death near his home in what is believed to be a robbery which went wrong.

Harry Uzoka, who was on the books of Premier Model Management, died from a single stab wound.

Neighbours on Old Oak Road, East Acton, reported a shout of ‘hand it over’ in the melee which involved several men.

Mr Uzoka, 25, staggered into the street from a housing estate before collapsing.

Today the area around Ollgar House in Ollgar Close was sealed off by police.

Detective Inspector Beverley Kofi said: ‘This is another tragic murder with a young male victim who has met a violent death.

‘We believe that the incident started Ollgar House, in Ollgar Close and the victim was assaulted and stabbed before staggering and collapsing in Old Oak Road.’We believe there were a number of people involved, but we are still working to establish the circumstances and a possible motive.

‘We have made two arrests and continue to pursue a number of lines of inquiry. We need to public’s help to piece together what happened – who the victim was seen with, the incident itself and the immediate aftermath.

i’m wondering if it’s from folks he knew?
either way,
i hope they can find everyoneinvolved.
may harry rip.
he was 25.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “RIP Harry Uzoka”

  1. He wasn’t an “aspiring” model. Those are guys who are trying to get into the modelling industry hence the word “aspiring”. He already *was* a signed model. He was signed to one of the most prominent modelling agencies (Premier) in the UK. Naomi Campbell was once signed to that agency. He’s done work in New York, Paris, Milan etc.

    He was an actual working fashion model. He used to date Victoria Secret model Leomie Anderson.

    Knife crime in the UK is very real. It sickens me to this day that people are still doing this. I hope the killers are caught, named & shamed and thrown in the slammer for life. They’ve now become pariah’s of society after what they just did. Assholes.

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