the verdict in the murder of harry uzoka

so remember that past story about the late model,
harry uzoka?
he was the one who was murdered by modelling jackal,
george koh.
( x we fonted about it in a past entry )
a foxholer sent me george’s fate recently.
this is the outcome via new york post

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Did Jealousy Kill Harry Uzoka?

jealousy can really burn your biscuits up.
for those who get jealous over others quick,
you know it can really consume you.
you see them as Gods to your lowly peasant.
even if you are just as successful,
or even better,
it won’t stop you from getting jealous of someone not even on your level.
they allegedly found the killing jackal of model wolf,
harry uzoka.
it was an alleged other model.
a foxholer sent me what “the daily mail” had to say…
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RIP Harry Uzoka

when you’re special,
folks recognize this once you have passed on.
harry uzoka,
a model wolf,
was special.
that is what folks that knew him keep fonting on twitter.
i am just hearing about him now,
sadly during a tragic circumstance,
but he had such a presence in the modeling shots i’ve seen.
he life was taken from himyesterday.
“the daily mail” has the story…
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