the verdict in the murder of harry uzoka

so remember that past story about the late model,
harry uzoka?
he was the one who was murdered by modelling jackal,
george koh.
( x we fonted about it in a past entry )
a foxholer sent me george’s fate recently.
this is the outcome via new york post

A top male model accused of trying to copy the look of a top industry rival — and then fatally stabbing the man through the heart — was convicted of the murder Monday.

British catwalker George Koh, 24, had become increasingly obsessed with more successful English model Harry Uzoka, 25, in the months leading up to the pair’s violent showdown in January, prosecutors said.

The two men began verbally duking it out on social media, with Uzoka calling Koh a “fake” and warning him to stop being a copycat and trying to cozy up to his friends, Britain’s Mirror said.

“Leave my name out of your mouth, it’s that simple. I’ve never spoken bad of you in any way, so this is wild,’’ Uzoka seethed in a direct message to Koh.

But the tipping point finally came when “the less successful copycat’’ Koh began claiming that he’d slept with Uzoka’s model girlfriend, Ruby Campbell, prosecutors said, according to the BBC.

Uzoka — who was referred to at Koh’s trial in Britain as “the country’s most famous black model,’’ working for such brands as Mercedes and Zara — agreed to meet Koh outside Uzoka’s London home Jan. 11, the Mirror said.

Both men brought backup in the form of beefy sidekicks — and weapons. Uzoka carried a dumbbell, while Koh had a knife in each hand.

The scuffle — some of which was caught on video — ended with Koh stabbing his rival through the heart, prosecutors said, although the slay suspect claimed that Uzoka punched him and then toppled on him, stabbing himself, the Guardian reported.

Uzoka died on the sidewalk in front of his house.

The killer “plainly had an obsession with Harry Uzoka,’’ prosecutor Richard Horwell told jurors in his closing statement, according to the Mirror.

He even suggested to one witness that they were on a similar level in the modeling world. And that was not true. Whatever was going in Koh’s mind … was festering into an unhealthy and toxic mix.’’

Koh faces life behind bars when sentenced Sept. 21, the Mirror said.

my question is…

Why would you even meet with your stalker outside your crib??

…and for a showdown,
of all things?
why even meet at all?

no offense,
but this was a very stupid decision on harry’s part.
in my head,
harry thought he’d beat george’s tail and send him on his way.
with hyenas like george,
the best response is none.
obsession is on the verge to being unhinged.
if someone wants to copy you out of jealousy,
i say go right ahead.
they will always been known as your lesser anyway.
george resembled harry,
but didn’t have what harry had to make it further.
those types fizzle out sooner than later.
it’s a shame that harry lost his life over all this drama tho.
i wonder…

Does George realize how fucked he is?

not even with the jail sentence,
but they gonna tear that tail up on that jailhouse cat walk.

george is too pretty for them parts.

article cc: new york post

7 thoughts on “the verdict in the murder of harry uzoka

  1. This so stupid to the point that it is upsetting😑 Like why would you even? Now I’m kinda equally mad at Harry cuz initially I thought it was an ambush of sorts smfh…..we’re already underrepresented in the fashion world as black men now we’re two down ….

      1. Nothing cute about a stalker. I am living for this expressive, passionate Jamari. That quote might be a tattoo if I ever man up and get one.

  2. This is do stupid to me, ain’t no way in hell I would go meet that wacko!!! Now his dumbass gonna be doing the catwalk in prison.

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