talk sh*t on a dc metrobus; get hit


that president got folks out here acting crazy.
they think they can say whatever they want with no repercussions.
they forget they ain’t back in the day.
this isn’t a time when blacks couldn’t fight back.
so another this one snow she-jackal learned the hard way.
she was on a dc metrobus when she got a paw in her tail.
she made the mistake of allegedly calling folks the “n” word.
this is the alleged footage taken from the scene…

A woman had to be taken to the hospital after a verbal altercation on a Metrobus turned violent.


Emergency crews were called to a bus stop near 2nd and H streets in Northeast D.C. during the Tuesday evening rush hour as a fight spilled out onto the street.


Metro Transit Police said it all started at around 6 p.m. when two women got into an argument on the X2 Metrobus. It is unclear what sparked it.

it is pretty clear what sparked it in the videos “fox 5 dc”.
is it wrong to font that i laughed?
well obvious reasons,
but the way how the videos were arranged.
in one frame,
she was walking off,
but then the aftermath of her sprawled out on the floor.

why do these hyenas and jackals keep challenging us?
their little president has protection.
these random civilians don’t.
they got heart tho,
i gotta give it to em.
they get a licking and stop ticking.

lowkey: to the dc foxhole,
was she bugging to be so bold on that particular bus?
what’s the neighborhood like?

article cc: fox5dc

video cc: twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “talk sh*t on a dc metrobus; get hit”

  1. i don’t feel bad. you out here spewing hate and somebody had the time. now look at you, looking like Carrie in the face

  2. as someone from dc, she got on the wrong bus talking shit. The X2 is no joke and she found out the hard way LMAO

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