Did Jealousy Kill Harry Uzoka?

jealousy can really burn your biscuits up.
for those who get jealous over others quick,
you know it can really consume you.
you see them as Gods to your lowly peasant.
even if you are just as successful,
or even better,
it won’t stop you from getting jealous of someone not even on your level.
they allegedly found the killing jackal of model wolf,
harry uzoka.
it was an alleged other model.
a foxholer sent me what “the daily mail” had to say…

Police have charged two men on suspicion of murder after a model was stabbed to death.

Harry Uzoka, who was on the books of Premier Model Management, died from a single stab wound.   

Detectives have charged IMG model George Koh, 24, from Camden, and Jonathan Okigbo, 23, from Kentish Town, with murder, while Koh is also facing charges of possessing an offensive weapon.

Koh, who has modelled for brands including Louis Vuitton and Paul Smith, was arrested on Sunday and Okigbo was arrested yesterday, Scotland Yard said.  

Koh’s Instagram page boasts 12,000 followers on his latest post, which showed David Beckham standing in front of his image at London Fashion Week Men’s AW18, was shared on January 7.

A representative for IMG models said: ‘Koh hasn’t been on our books since March 2017.’  

Both men appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court today. 

The pair appeared in the dock in grey prison issue tracksuits, speaking only to confirm their personal details.

They were remanded in custody and will next appear at Old Bailey on Thursday.

A 27-year-old man, who was arrested on the day of the incident, has been released under investigation and a 28-year-old man, who was also arrested that day, has been released with no further action to be taken. 

Neighbours on Old Oak Road, East Acton, reported a shout of ‘hand it over’ in the melee which involved several men.

Mr Uzoka, 25, staggered into the street from a housing estate before collapsing. 

The area around Ollgar House in Ollgar Close was sealed off by police after the incident.

this is what george looks like:

he looks kind like harry,
although harry was more charismatic by his ig.
if the motive it’s jealousy,
i can see it.
allegedly fonting,
his instagram told me all i needed to know.
this whole story is sad tho.
you don’t want to start not trusting folks,
but you gotta give some the side eye.
folks show no signs they’re jealous of you.
very scary.
i hope harry gets the justice he deserves so he can rest peacefully.

article cc: the daily mail
instagram: harry | george

7 thoughts on “Did Jealousy Kill Harry Uzoka?

  1. ummm this is the daily mail….kinda like the national enquirer….do not trust the source of this story

  2. This makes me so sad. For both of them.. I was hoping that this whole story was a lie when I first heard about it.

    I don’t even want to say what I know about them because some things are better left unsaid. All I will say is you never know how some people really are no matter how much they smile in your face.

    1. No they were not. They were not gay, not everybody in the modelling biz is a homo despite the stereotype. George had a girlfriend. And Harry used to date Victoria Secret model Leomie Anderson. I can vouch for this because I’m in the modelling industry and I know and have hung out with both of these guys personally.

  3. How could this dude kill this other dude when they both had prominent careers in modeling? They were both making money right?

    I can’t see how anybody can be jealous of anybody else. I have too much confidence within myself to make shit happen for me to be focused on what the next man is doing. Jealousy takes away from focus. I stay in my lane and I breeze past opposition. Easy.

  4. Oh my God!!! I don’t want to believe this! The industry is already so hard for black models especially the men as the spaces are so limited. So sad that it had to come to this if the alleged is true.

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