Ya’ll Be Making These Ain’t Shit Pineapples The Victims Out Here

the martyr.
urban dictionary describes it as…
someone who seeks sympathy on their social media pages.
the legit dictionary describes it as…
anyone who dies fighting for what they believe in.
jamari fox describes it as…
making a hero out of a victim,
whether deserved or not.

all the same thing really.
my definition represents my stance on outing folks.
i’ve gotten a ton of comments and emails for not outing anyone.
why should i?
unless the hyena or jackal…

spreading diseases
murdered someone in cold blood

i’m not outing anyone who is not out of the closet.
because the dl wolf hurt my “wittle fweelings”?
boo fuckin hoo.
as a grown ass adult,
i knew what i was getting into when i opened that door.

when he fucked me,
i mentally and emotionally signed the “fuck boi” contract.
the thing about outing someone is…


even if they ain’t shit,
they become my definition of a “martyr”.
you become the big bad gay.
the one that no one will trust ever again.

“Aww shit,
when insert your name here gets mad,
they gonna put my whole shit out there.”

the internet never forgets.
neither do people.
i refuse to let anyone get that on my watch.
anyone who has ever hurt me,
i’ve left them alone.
i’ve learned that even if you’re right,
they have many who will rush to their defense.
they’ll have a way to turn it against you.
it hurts to see them with others/get into another relationship.
it makes you feel like some kind of outcast.
i’ll tell you a secret:


they’re gonna show their true colors to someone else.
trust me,
i’ve seen it time and time again.
once that happens,
they usually get their full helping of karma for their evil ways.
in turn:


…and that’s much worse than what i can ever do.

i won’t even have to lift a paw to do it.
this even applies to triflin “friends” and family members.
i say let them make you proud and go embarrass themselves.
you know they will.

lowkey: all you need to do is keep getting better and better.
glo up and continue making moves.
it sounds boring,
but the pay off is much better in the end.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Ya’ll Be Making These Ain’t Shit Pineapples The Victims Out Here”

  1. I don’t understand the emails people are sending you lately lol 😂

    On the topic at hand it’s like you said let go and let god, he has a way of handling things in away you could never do. Getting with an DL, curious, trade, or straight guy you SHOULD have a sense of what you could be getting yourself into and in the beginning a lot of guys think they do. They funny thing is when you start emotionally falling for said guy you don’t tend to think clearly. ( but that can be said for any relationship).

    I don’t out people, not because of some loyalty to the “DL masculine archetype” that is popular in our community, I don’t do it because it’s not my place to, we know what it’s like to navigate through this world as gay men with the constant homophobia and how that can have negative effects for us from job opportunities, common respect, and safety. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

    1. ^as much as everyone wants kumbaya for coming out the closet,
      it’s not gonna happen until the world changes.
      outing someone isn’t going to do anything but show we are the stereotype.

      after you hurt me,
      i don’t care about your life past that.
      so i can move on and “i don’t know him” with the quickness

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