Weed Can Get You Really Fucked Up Out Here

it should never be this serious for some weed.
so i was sitting here scrolling on twitter,
waiting for my jamaican patty to cook,
when i came across the following video.
a gram of weed goes missing and folks start looking for a suspect.
well a young vixen catches smoke and is forced to strip naked.

a gram of weed resulted in that ya’ll.

if this doesn’t sound like addiction.
twitter already found the vixen who was assaulted:

as well as the she-jackal who did the assaulting:

the irony of her ig name being “iam.unbothered”.

i’m learning these days that folks don’t think.
folks like to react.
this is why so many end up in jail or a “wshh” video.
it’s getting real ridiculous now.
it makes you want to choose who you spend your time with wisely.

lowkey: for those who don’t know how much a gram of weed is…

usually around 10 dollars.
pineapples is really risking felonies for 10 dollars.
not even an ounce,
but a gram.

times must really be hard.

video cc: flyheight

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Weed Can Get You Really Fucked Up Out Here”

  1. Never smoked it, hate the smell of it & if you come up my place smelling like it, I’ll tell you to go outside.

    1. Jammy, I used to think the same way. I took a puff of some GAS Sour Diesel and I melted into my bed. I never got high before and it is an incredible feeling. It doesn’t have to be smoked either. I enjoy loose leaf tea and plan to incorporate some of that into the tea leaves and see how that goes.

      As good as my experience was, it’s not that serious to shake somebody down for weed.

  2. Trash. One of the dudes, the one in the green, appears to have jumped in and hit her when the girl attacked her. Punk move.

  3. Just pure ignorance, some of us are so lost. These bums over here embarrassing and scarring this young lady, it broke my heart watching this.

  4. These are some ignorant ass folks. I hate seeing s defenseless person. She was so scared I mean come on. You think you doing something by fighting a person who is scared and weak. I need someone to go down to Home Depot and drag her shitty ass down the toilet aisle

  5. Yooo I this is fucked up on soooo many levels first you having me strip in front of not only you but a group of folks I don’t even know.

    Second punk move from dude in the green that kicked her in the head while she’s being attacked also you can’t just talk to her over weed y’all wannabe tough ass folks are really annoying and need to go.

  6. This is not about a gram of weed. I bet one of the dudes blocking and orchestrating it probably got her simple-minded ass to bully her. They don’t even know if she took it. They were forcing her to strip so they could “search” her.

    I can’t believe how quick weed was accepted as the cause. Trust me when I say most do worse than weed or the “gateway drug” on a regular. We take medicine more addictive than weed regularly such as antidepressants, sedatives, pain relievers, etc.

    1. You know what you not wrong like she didn’t have it yet they are fighting her and the fact that it’s just a bunch of dudes just around while she strips and gets attacked and do nothing.

  7. what’s crazy is these kids smokin weed laced with all kinds of shyt. They’re walking around damn near out of their minds. Seen too many people I know fall victim to that one…and they never recovered.

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