So, Um, No One Was Gonna Tell Me About Aldis Hodge?

so clearly i’m late af.
last night,
i was watching the last episode on this fourth season of “black mirror”.
the episode is called “black museum”.
sidebar: check out black mirror.
good tv.
in one scene,
they had a fine black wolf show up.
after pausing and doing some sniffing around,
i find out his name is aldis hodge.
i end up seeing alla this

and then i watched this:

more arms.
so i go deeper into my snooping and see he was on “underground”.
i never watched as i assumed it was another slavery production.
it lead me to these scenes:

…and i have to ask myself:


i’ll need more aldis hodge on my tv and STAT.

lowkey: he has,
the best bawdy amongst on the black acting wolves.
he is also pretty woke too.
he seems into art and all the good stuff.
i’ll allow it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “So, Um, No One Was Gonna Tell Me About Aldis Hodge?”

  1. I didn’t know about these arms but that body I remember from underground. 😍😍😍😍 I love that he just looks low-key but fiiiiine.

  2. He’s been “bae in my head” for years. He use to be on this show called Leverage that I use to watch on TNT. He’s been around for awhile

  3. The first time I seen him was on Girlfriends he played Lynn’s younger brother. Aldis is fine asf he is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome plus he has that sexy deep voice. I love him with that fro and thick beard in that Underground scene. To, be honest I only use to watch that show because of him.

  4. On one hand I’m like, “damn J where yah been!?!” But then on the other I hate when ppl start discovering my undercover baes 😫… him and Mo McRae #LawdHammercy

  5. @Jamari….. He has a brother name Edwin Hodge who is a cutie as well. The good thing about him and his brother is that they are the opposite of each other, in terms of looks and body. Aldis is long and lean. Ed is stocky and solid. Crazy thing is, I bet their dicks reflects that as well. lmfao. I can see Aldis with a long dick with a decent thickness, while Edwin is shorter but hella thick. I see Ed having Aldis beat on the thickness. lol. Ed is in the vid above where they are in the gym, he’s wearing the white tee shirt.

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