There Is Something “About Him” That Got Him Casted

“about him” from signal tv has definitely going through some changes.
i don’t even think the original line up is still on there.
i could be wrong since i haven’t been keeping up.
well there is about to be an alleged new cast member on the show.
take a look foxhole…

milan christopher is joining the cast.
this is what he put up on his ig:

well i’m happy for him,
but i thought he was doing some dating reality show with mona?


that looks extremelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…
what was the budget for ^that?
either way,
good to see him doing something else with his time.
like the vix-bi who hit me up asked…

Will he be doing sex scenes on “About Him”?

let’s hope it’s better than the other alleged one.

lowkey: is rico pruitt back to doing shows than porn now?

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “There Is Something “About Him” That Got Him Casted”

  1. Signal 23’s gay content is trash. Their gay shows are like Breed It Raw musicals. I used to support them but after they cut Brandon and were being super shady to Gary Lavard…I was like nahh…oh and changing Tex Brown from Tripp to Kash Dinero.

    Keep in mind when I say trash, I mean that from a dramatic filmmaker and series point of view…I’m sure they would fit well on as side story on gay Skinemax skit.

    1. ^i def got off to most of their content.

      “honest men” with tripp tho.
      wtf is that about???
      i watched 3 episodes and i’m confused.
      i’m only watching it to see tripp ali fuckin.

      1. Honest Men makes no sense either but all of the men are fine tbh and Episode 9 has a lil hot sex scene with Tripp smashing. It would do better if it tightened its plot and have more centralized drama.

        That fella equating About Him to Queer as Folk is an insult. QaF was an intelligent gay drama that had racy sex scenes and a long standing cast of likeable characters with a coherent plot. Oh and they paid their actors for their work too.

        If About Him wants to be the next Queer as Folk it needs to cover relevant issues affecting LGBTQ today…because getting fucked by the closeted straight boy is such a tired concept. They do appear like they want to go somewhere with the story and then bam… nothing

        I’d go for an even stronger educational approach. These characters need to make decisions and suffer the consequences for them. We need diverse characters because LGBTQ is not just Downlow trade, origies and threesomes.

        I mean soon as it come on, a dick don’t feel in somebody’s mouth.

        Black gay men and women don’t have very many options when it comes to shows and what we do have now, in the form of webseries is just “jerk bait”.

        Why in the hell don’t we have any more Noah’s Arc, Noah’s Arc the Movie, DL Chronicles 1 & 2 or The Skinny? Patrick Ian Polk was a breath of fresh air, even though he did have his cliched tropes, he made it look good and flow and he wrote and directed it well.

        These webseries are trying to wrap a bow around bullshit and give it to me for Christmas and I’m not having it.

        They better tighten up all them loose ends.

      2. The book for honest men, which was named fatherly figure, made much more sense the story was about a boy that fell in love w/ his friends dad who is a known abuser and how the neighborhood hates the man for his past. I think the original had enough plot and sex scenes to actually have worked as a script but :/ guess I’m the only one.

  2. Rico parted ways with Signal 23 TV after he finished About Justin for the sake of him getting into the adult film industry. Milan is projected to come aboard since no one from second one or season two wants to do a third season.

  3. I just can’t take him seriously… That “reality show” looks so poorly scripted, predictable and low budget. Honestly his life isn’t interesting at all to keep anybody captivated. Somebody who has to constantly let people know that they’re “booked and busy” clearly isn’t booked and busy. I wish Milan would just eat a slice of humble pie, he is so conceited & fake that it makes him so unlikable. He is clearly somebody who lives for facades and stunting because nothing from him seems authentic.

    Someone who is likeable is Jussie Smollett. When I see him, I see humility, drive and actual integrity. Milan really needs to take notes

  4. This is actually a terrible idea and he should let that go. Am I interested in seeing the nude scenes (cause there will be a lot)? Yes.

    Will I see this show & enjoy it? God no it looks like a huge no like the practices over there from what I’m seeing are all really terrible and the script just as bad.

    Sidenote: the “reality dating show” looks like your typical low budget web series so that’s not a good look from him.


    I think where Signal 23 messed up is them focusing too much on sex and not enough on substance. If the content is attention grabbing, you really don’t need too much of the physical. For all of that, I might as well just watch Raw Freaks or Breed it Raw.

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