There Is Something “About Him” That Got Him Casted

“about him” from signal tv has definitely going through some changes.
i don’t even think the original line up is still on there.
i could be wrong since i haven’t been keeping up.
well there is about to be an alleged new cast member on the show.
take a look foxhole…
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An Attentionisto Joins “Love and Hiphop: Hollywood”

love-and-hip-hop-hollywood-cast-720x347so ive completely stopped watching reality shows.
like my whole tv line up is pretty much legit acting.
well you can say the same about reality tv,
so i was thinking to myself one day last week:

“i wonder when they will add the male gay storyline to love and hiphop?”

i thought of a scenario in my head.
the “friend who is secretly attracted to him” saga many of us relate to.
something like my “work wolf” saga.
well i guess the universe answered my question this week.
there will be a gay story line and it will be featured on “love and hiphop: hollywood”.
it features a very popular attentionisto i’ve talked about…

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