An Attentionisto Joins “Love and Hiphop: Hollywood”

love-and-hip-hop-hollywood-cast-720x347so ive completely stopped watching reality shows.
like my whole tv line up is pretty much legit acting.
well you can say the same about reality tv,
so i was thinking to myself one day last week:

“i wonder when they will add the male gay storyline to love and hiphop?”

i thought of a scenario in my head.
the “friend who is secretly attracted to him” saga many of us relate to.
something like my “work wolf” saga.
well i guess the universe answered my question this week.
there will be a gay story line and it will be featured on “love and hiphop: hollywood”.
it features a very popular attentionisto i’ve talked about…

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 7.23.33 PMmilan christopher “gordy”.
attentionisto extraordinaire.

we meet again.
now the first thing i thought:

“wow his business is about to be on front and back forest.
wait til they dig up that sex tape…”

tumblr_mdjnqpKl1Q1qaf90uo8_r2_250milan has been trying to do this “star” thing for a while now,
i guess make tv history being the first gay storyline?
i don’t know who siirbrock is.

he is cute tho.
i guess he is the best they could get.
was the wolf who sung that “boi pussy” song not available?
anyway milan’s straight wolf cast mates are not down with him tho.
tmz reported today:

The newest member of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” believes he’s being shunned by cast members because they don’t want to share the small screen with an openly gay rapper.

Milan Christopher has been filming for 3 weeks, but we’re told the majority of rappers on the show are shunning him. Rappers on the show include Ray J, Soulja Boy,¬†Omarion and Mally Mall.

We’re told a number of the rappers are upset with producers for hiring Milan … not because he’s gay but because he has no cred in the rap game. They believe producers hired Milan as a “sideshow” and a “circus” to goose ratings.

Milan, who calls himself a rapper/model, has worked with big rappers, but mostly as a writer.

We’re told at least 3 of the rappers on the show have made it clear to producers … they don’t want to film scenes with Milan. They won’t show up to parties or other events where Milan is present. ¬†

The rappers say they want nothing to do with Milan because he’s a joke, but we’re told Milan’s made it clear to producers the other rappers have made their feelings about gay rappers obvious.

tumblr_inline_n4cr8qe6LY1s3m2fohe raps?
is related to berry gordy?
sounds like immense amounts of sociopathic fuckery.
i’ll allow it.

ya know…
i might break my reality show ban for this.
will you?
“lhhhh” makes its comeback on vh1 / sept 7th at 8pm.

lowkey: i see the fighting is coming back.
you can’t remove why people watch ratchet tv.
on lighter news,
milan will get those sponsors now.
that fat chocolate foxhole is about to be on a heavy layaway plan.

pictures and videos taken: instagram | instagram 2

article taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “An Attentionisto Joins “Love and Hiphop: Hollywood””

  1. I’m disappointed in the fact that none of the men want to film with him. Its 2015…get over it. Hell some of them need to come out of the closet anyway!

  2. I guess some gay representation is nice, but Mona could really jump the shark with this move. But it’s a kinda subtle move since they will be recurring cast members.

    I can just imagine the hypocritical backlash already

  3. What’s funny is that they’re acting like they’re relevant! When was the last time ANY of them had a hit…outside of Omarion’s whack ass “Posed To Be” song?!! LOL

    1. LOL I was thinking the exact same thing. Soulja boy and Omarion, and Ray J talking about having “no cred”? LOOOL!

      I only know one song from Omarion and Soulja Boy, Omarion being an “okay at best (ice-box days)” artist, Soulja Boy being complete garbage and the other rapper I’ve never even heard of lmao. Mally Mall? Wtf? LOL! This entire situation is laughable. I never watched that show but the whole thing sounds dry. All i know Ray J for is having sex with Kim, being a jerk, and his phatty. lol!

      1. See, I’m trying to do Brandy a favour and not associate her with this mess LOL! I feel kinda bad for her, she seems like a class act, and then there’s her brother… I’d be so embarrassed.

  4. Mona Scott, is the Spawn of Satan. This ratchet ass woman will do anything to boost ratings. I am surprised it has taken this long for this story line to appear, I may have to break my ban to watch this fuckery. The gag is all these Queens who are trying to shade him so the spotlight wont shine on them. They probably all attend the same DL parties and orgies together in Hollyweird. None of the pineapples have seen the charts since forever and trying to shade him for being a joke, because we all know Soulja Boy is a poet laureate in the hip hop game with such classic as “Crank Dat” On second thought I dont think I can watch all these nobodies, but I wish Milan well, he is an attention whore Supreme on 10, but I love his style. I am sure he is going to add just the right amount of ratchetness to keep all the ghetto birds entertained. Gold Gay Star for you Milan!

  5. Jamari are serious? They don’t want to film with him? Bwah-ha-ha!!!! Lmao!!! That to me is comical so what their scared to look into eyes too long or that camera is going to see their hard-ons? Cause that’s about the problem I could see with him please miss me with that bullshit that whole line up looks like the usual suspects sweet meat, butt brigade,and everything else! Gtfo.

  6. Still not watching. Ratings are lower for that show, so Mona pulled this stunt. Millan is over the top, y’all know they ain’t filming with him.

  7. According to VH1 press release,Milan aka Sir Brock is really the main character.Miles is a west coast rapper who was raised in the church bravely faces his truth when he realizes he is in love with an openly gay man,Milan.It becomes complicated because his high school sweetheart and best friend Amber is still in love with him.Amber,also a rapper, will also appears on the show.So the show will follow how Miles aka Sir Brock deals with Amber,his Christian family,his boyfriend Milan Christopher and the stigma with trying to be in a relationship with a man while trying to break into rap industry.I paraphrased.:)
    Because Milan is more well known people have been thinking he is the main focus.I see Milan has over 1.2Million twitter followers.I didn’t realize he was that well known.

  8. I mean you can talk down but Soulja and the two guys from B2K were making big money in their prime, more than enough to live modestly off of for the rest of their lives. They really were famous at one point.

    I’ve yet to see this dude do anything other than toot his ass up for the camera.

    Gay dudes want that privilege of being famous for nothing like Kim K. soooo bad. You’re not a woman. Men, much less black men don’t have it like that, and I find it sickening “men” have these aspirations.

    I don’t blame them for not filming with him. Why would you give someone a storyline when they’ve clearly just been dropped in for ratings? You have nothing but your delusions of grandeur to offer.

    You’re not Joseline, Draya, or Evelyn Lozada.

    1. I find it just as sickening that women with no talent become famous for they who they have fu#ked rather than their talents or skills.I have never seen this particular show but I heard half of the people on these shows are “nobodies”.So let them join the club.
      Since this is a reality show I don’t know if these guys are really dating or if this Sir Brock/Milan/ Amber triangle is just made up.The VH1 description seems to indicate this Sir Brock’s first gay relationship so I can see him deciding to go back with his childhood sweetheart Amber rather than dealing with the hassle of being with Milan.These shows love drama.

      1. That’s the nature of the world we live in. Just like there’s no stigma to a woman being a housewife but a man that doesn’t work doesn’t eat.

        Men out here with no goals or aspirations other than to be famous with marginal or no talent and get treatment normally reserved for women disgust and repulse me to no end honestly.

    2. I’ve never watched this show. Outside of Omarion, Fizz, Ray J, and Soulja Boy…I have no clue who these people are. LOL
      They may have been making “big money” (which I doubt) in their day and time, but not any longer. I think their (Omarion/Fizz) contract was so screwed up that none of them in B2K came away with any money or royalties.
      Soulja spent most of his money on lavish items…so who knows how much he has left.
      And Ray J’s claim to fame is the sex tape and his “Sexy…Can I” song.
      As for the ladies…what is their claim to fame? Sleeping with a “celeb”? LOL

  9. Even though I don’t care to watch it,
    It’s crazy how they don’t want to film with someone who storyline potentially might save the show and keep a check in their pockets or give them the air time needed to make something of what career they have…..LOL

  10. I don’t know part of me wants to roll my eyes but on the other part of me is like lhh has a way of drawing me in sometimes. I do feel like the rappers on the show excuse for not wanting to film with him is bullshit since no one was checking for any of them before this show. Omari is the only one now and that’s fading.

    My only fear is that his storyline sounds super messy and with the core audience of this show being what it is. I hope it doesn’t have negative stereotypes of gay black men as its bread and butter.

    1. I have a sneaky suspicion that this rapper is going to break up with Milan Christopher to go back to his childhood sweetheart Amber. Then people are going to say being gay is a choice or he is on the DL.It’s going to be a hot mess based on the history of these shows.Do any of the characters ever have happy,healthy,functional relationships?

      1. I doubt it. If anyone had a healthy functional relationship I don’t think they would last long on the show

      2. And that’s what I don’t really like about this addition!!!! With Mona at the wheel, spinning this in a cynical fashion wouldn’t be surprising.

  11. I laughed at Soulja Boy. He’s been caught in a couple gay rumors and especially when he was “allegedly” outted for being known to take pipe in Atlanta. Omarion need to go somewhere. People already think he’s marriage is an open one where he fucks with men too, wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. Ray J… oh yeah the man who slept with Kim K… had to google him. Shopping Mall ain’t relevant so who cares. lol, but there was a lesbian storyline. Can’t wait for people to show their hypocritical BS. Gonna be checking people like applications that day. This won’t make me end my ban on reality shows. Love and Hip Hop is something i cannot have the energy for and stuff like this is why.

  12. The fact people (mainly gay men)are reading off random, unfounded rumors questioning their sexuality doesn’t help the case of why they would want to film with them.

    If you talking about them now, imagine what those same people would say if Omarion, Ray J, and Fizz freely filmed with gay men.

    1. To be honest, I can’t see what people would say about them that isn’t already being said. I don’t think the dialogue would change or even worsen in much ways. People would just go “mhmm!”

      It’s just them trying to protect an image that they have of themselves as opposed to what others are thinking. They still want to think that they’re relevant, they think that this will hurt their “careers” but they don’t get that if this “Milan” dude is a hit on the show, that Milan is basically sustaining whatever “career” they have left. He would BE their careers lol. They have nothing to lose, literally, there’s nothing left. I don’t see how this would effect a nobody or a has-been. even if they get down, who cares? it wouldn’t really be news or a shock LOL!

      These guys are in a celeb bubble where they don’t actually see the train-wreck they’re on because everything looks fine from the outside, but in reality they know they’re on the show because people barely remember their names. Maybe it would help their careers (like Kim K) if they messed with this guy lol.

  13. Just getting my mind prepared for the homophobic, hypocritical audience and how they are trying to push the “gay agenda” and that gays (men because being lesbian is sexy) need to die. Shit happens like clockwork.

  14. Ugh this whole thing seems soooo messy LOL. And wasn’t Soulja Boy RECENTLY exposed for sending a DM to some dude asking to make music with him & he put the “kiss face” emoji? Puhhleeez! And they don’t want to film with him because he’s GAY. PERIOD. They’re using that “no credibility” excuse because nowadays it’s not “politically correct” to shit on the LBGT community if you’re a celebrity otherwise you’d be faced with backlash & may lose a lot of lucrative opportunities in the industry.

    These slow rappers need to get with the program. Gays RUN the showbiz industry, you will NEVER stop seeing them if you want to work in this field. Deal with it. If it’s bothering you that much then get a 9 to 5. The media is gay-topia LOL

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