I’m A Light Weight Fox

mixys-rum-and-coke-3-600x900 don’t think i’m fuckin’ with dark likka again.
so i didn’t go to bed until 430-ish this morning.
even then,
i was still up tossing and turning.
i made myself two rum and cokes with armaretto close to bedtime with my dinner.
i ended up eating kind of late last night.
mi bought the likka before heading out to work.
she suggested i mix the rum and armaretto together.
well i think i added too much of something because…

that shit had my mind GONE.

arlene_head_in_handsi’m a very light drinker compared to people i know.
mi especially.
she is the reigning drinking champion around these parts.
well every time i tried to sleep,
i could not stop thinking about random shit.

work wolf
 my career
 the job i’m at
how i’m struggling in between blessings

it was like everything was enhanced to depress me.
my mind was basically on an over thinking fuck shit spree.
it was looking for things that just wasn’t there.

i tried to jack off and that didn’t work.
i did it twice.
i was still up.
when i did fall asleep,
i ended up having a nightmare.
i could stayed the fuck up if that was the case.
like wtf was in those damn drinks?

today was hell.
i had to talk on texts with random people to keep from falling asleep.
i actually ending up taking a quick 10 minute nap in the bathroom stall.

it was bad.
i’m truly exhausted.
the crazy part?
i can’t remember anything i thought about last night.
that could be a good thing.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “I’m A Light Weight Fox”

  1. I’m a lightweight as well, I only drink socially and it only takes about one good one for me to start feeling it. Maybe I need to build up my tolerance to it but I associate it to fun, I can go weeks to months without touching it.

  2. Damn that sucks
    I’m a light weight Drinker too….LOL
    But I have nights like that without drinking
    Music sometimes help me calm down

  3. J, you do know alcohol is a depressant? Ppl have always told me that all alcohol does is bring out the truth about what you think/feel about all the stuff going on in your life. Sounds like you had one of them moments. But I can’t tease you about being a lightweight, I don’t even drink so I can’t say nothing on it.

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