I’m A Light Weight Fox

mixys-rum-and-coke-3-600x900 don’t think i’m fuckin’ with dark likka again.
so i didn’t go to bed until 430-ish this morning.
even then,
i was still up tossing and turning.
i made myself two rum and cokes with armaretto close to bedtime with my dinner.
i ended up eating kind of late last night.
mi bought the likka before heading out to work.
she suggested i mix the rum and armaretto together.
well i think i added too much of something because…
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Spent The Night with Work Wolf (Hookah and Hamburgers)

amazing-black-and-white-forest-grey-wolf-Favim.com-661408“a ha” moments sometimes come at interesting times.
it could be on the train,
at your cubicle at work,
or even as you sit on the toilet.
once you have one,
it can pretty much change the dynamic of your life.
well i had one last night with work wolf.
this may change everything…
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