The First Episode of My Confusion

I was sent a video through email by one of my Foxes.
It was a new web show called Justus.
It was interesting… but then it lost me somewhere.

Check it…
So I have to say,
whoever is playing shawty with the fitted,
he could get it.


It started out with a Wolf who randomly walks into a Fox’s crib and helps him do the dishes.
They finish the dishes, and then they both fall asleep watching the Golden Girls.

Three months later,
they are dating and the Wolf takes the Fox his bosses crib for Labor Day
where he finds out this big secret…
… and that is where I was lost.
Enter some queens, drinks, drugs, stalkers, and rape.
Things that should not go together in any setting.

Maybe I need a break down because either I’m slow as hell or something didn’t make no sense.
It was starting out good and then they went left and crashed into a tree.
The annoying ass queen with the drink was where I started to shake my head.
It was just a ton of random shit.
I thought it was going to be some love story but clearly, they stopped that LOL

The main actor is Seduction from Dawgpound and PapiThugz.
He can semi act, but maybe he should have stayed doing porn.

check it out here:


I probably won’t tune in until they get some character development going on.


11 thoughts on “The First Episode of My Confusion

  1. I take it that none on you have read that book. I’ll reserver any comment on it.

  2. pros stef and the short dude with the dreds could get the bitch puddin. cons…. alot

  3. I was having an extreme issue because it felt as if i had just watched a mashup of the past 10 seasons of the show. Then i first got thrown off when they had been dating for months when no screen pop up indicated any damn time had passed at all!!! shit i thought it was the next night…or maybe i missed the pop up..excuse me if i did.

    anyway, im glad hes tryna do something outside of porn because it looks as if he wants a future not built on those two stars on his ass.


  4. and Justus did too much you have to know how to act with these psychos. Go along with it then when you get the chance you leave them joker he shouldnt have went back and forth with steph. You aint go survive like that lol

  5. Its got potential. That FINE ASS STEPH !! I knew something was wrong with him, that bitch crazy as hell lol I know when i meet someone im interrogating this might sound a lil odd but when Steph took them cookies from justus i got a lil hot idk. Im sorry if i was justus i wouldeve let him took one last time before i tried to escape dont pay me no mind lol

    1. I know this may sound crazy…
      But you know I don’t give a shit.
      But when he was arguing with lite brite and was yelling at him, I was getting turned on like a mofo.
      When he yoked him up and told him to get his pretty ass in there and smile at the people….

      I was so horny.

  6. Cute. I get the premise. I can say ive met someone like “steph.” Drug dealer type. Crazy. Recognized it early (within a week lol) and let him go… Empty threats and persistent phone calling. He stopped eventually. But the way the story developed it kind of jumped into it too early and they should have eased into it. She should have noticed signs early and sort of brushed them off so that leading up to the big reveal it wasn’t much of a surprise. But i appreciate the series for what it’s worth and how they’re trying to marry the Sopranos and Noah’s Arc.

    1. i agree with the jumping head first into it early.
      so much so, I got a headache trying to figure it out.
      ive never been involved in a drug dealer so i wouldn’t know too much about that.
      he was bitching and moaning for him to take him home…
      …well shit nigga, WALK!
      or call a cab and say you going to use the bathroom.
      that dude is not budging to take you home so PEACE.
      I dunno how they do things in jerz but i woulda been in the next cab back to the crib.
      all that yelling would have been done by the time I told Apu to drive the FUCK off

      “you never saw me with no suit or no trash collector suit on…”

      LOL right…
      and then he was like “ima bring your family and kill em infront of you”
      another “right”

      1. I thought i was the only one yelling at the screen “BYTCH, WALK!!!” lol

        But he was tellin’ completely empty threats! They always do that and the dumb bytches fall for it. But petty drug dealers are often like that; the ones who sell a bit of weed here and there. They get attached quickly and tell you what you wanna hear or say something crazy in order to test you’re reactions to certain things. They tend to be the ones with the lowest self-esteem and seek to control you because they don’t have much control over anything else. The King Pins… with the REAL MONEY.. tend to be less crazy (and faithful). So a lot of these girls are looking for a drug dealers cuz they watch tv and think its cute… but at the end of the day… most are just small time nickel-bag boys still living with their mothers.

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