jason voorhies is living in the bronx, on grindr, and is a cross dresser?

imagine jason voohries,
in a bra and panties,
hackin’ up one of his victims.
scary thought,
jason would totally not make it as a crossdresser.

seriously tho,
that scene actually happened because of a grindr hook up gon’ wrong

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they all become really gay or bi once drink 3 hits

he likes you.
the problem is he isn’t supposed to like you.
that’s why he is always so back and forth.

One minute he is showing you he is interested

Next minute: You don’t know where you stand

have you noticed that he drinks and smokes a lot tho?
when he is under the influence,
that’s when you can really tell that he is feeling you.
well i had a theory that i posed to the foxhole today…

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when your parents are drug addicts

i’m thankful i didn’t grow up with parents addicted to drugs.
that was one of the blessings i am highly grateful for.
being that i lived in the hood most of my life,
i’ve seen my fair share of drug addicted parents.
it’s always heartbreaking when you see them with young kids.
the following video left me in my feelings today.
it’s two parents high outta their mind,
on the bus in new jersey,
with their very observant young one

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That Time A Friend Almost Made Me A High Key Drug Addict

you have to ask yourself:

“What about your friends?”

the people you call “your friends”.
that title you attach to folks means a lot.
my version of being a friend might be different than others.
so i have to share something with the foxhole…

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The Drugs Are Killing Us (Rip To A Mutual)

i met him a few years ago through some mutual friends.
i don’t remember much about him,
but he was cool af when we would hang out.
i do remember that he loved to party and drink.
as life went on,
we became strangers since we didn’t have a strong connection.
well he died last week after being in a coma for close to a month.
his funeral is today.
i’m still puzzled as to how he died…

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How Addiction Ultimately Killed Nelsan Ellis

we are all addicted to something.
it’s natural.
i didn’t know kicking the addiction is what can actually kill you.
well sadly,
that is how nelsan ellis who played “lafayette” on true blood died.
this is the details about his death via cnn
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