when your parents are drug addicts

i’m thankful i didn’t grow up with parents addicted to drugs.
that was one of the blessings i am highly grateful for.
being that i lived in the hood most of my life,
i’ve seen my fair share of drug addicted parents.
it’s always heartbreaking when you see them with young kids.
the following video left me in my feelings today.
it’s two parents high outta their mind,
on the bus in new jersey,
with their very observant young one


is this child eating good?
in some kind of schooling?
is he witnessing horrors in his home life?
so many questions i had.

i’ll never forget a situation with my ex-home wolf who sold drugs.
this is when i was younger and ratchet.
he sold drugs to a mother with her crying cub in her arms.
she wanted to get high so bad,
she took the money for food to buy herion.
that hurt me and made me realize i’m not cut out for that life.
i had to wonder…

Is CPS worst than being with he drug addict parents?

i’m almost wanting them to take that child away,
but i know being in the system is much worse.
i’m gonna pray for these folks,
especially this child.
i’m asking the foxhole to do the same.
either he will come out of it stronger or be a junkie like his parents.
i hope for something more positive.

2 thoughts on “when your parents are drug addicts

  1. Disturbing AF! I can only hope there are more responsible family members that can take that child and care for him. God knows what could happen, or if some pervert snatched him, because they are both so out of it.

    Putting a child in the system is just as bad as him suffering with those drug addicted parents. Dad was nodding like a mofo! The odds of him landing with a good, caring family/person are minimal. Most people are only concerned about the money he would bring. He’s screwed either way, poor thing.

    I have some cousins whose parents were both on drugs and out there. The mother passed away from AIDS and the father is still out there, off and on still.

    Luckily they (kids) turned out fine, through the grace of their grandmother and the rest of the family.

    Sad situation all around.

  2. I saw this yesterday and it pained me also… There’s so many of these videos that go viral… sadly I’ve seen one or two posted on sites like WSSH.

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