your junk would look good in these trunks (KING INTL SWIM)


I think that would look good on you

it would.
this is the reason why you work out so hard and end up on the foxhole.
for your summer bawdies,
it’s important to have a fly pair of swimwear.
KING INTL SWIM” has the foxhole covered…

“KING INTL SWIM” is a global brand that produces both stylish and high-quality men’s luxe swimwear and sportswear.
model wolf,
is wearing “golden zebra“:

see: thighs
so the foxhole has done an exciting collaboration with “KING INTL SWIM”.
for every online purchase you make,
put in code “FOX” for 20% off.
not only that:

“KING INTL SWIM” is looking for a cover model and king ambassadors

that lucky wolf/fox/or hybrid will not only represent the brand,
but will make for an entry on the foxhole.
you know i’m excited about that.

to purchase swimwear from “KING INTL SWIM”:
Promo code FOX

also available in stores:
@pridefactory @chelsea_exclusive

for more information regarding modeling opportunities and/or brand ambassadors,
please submit a model comp card or “selfie” image to:

let me know what you got!

gif cc: wanted | angelina jolie

for advertising opportunities with the foxhole: advertise

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “your junk would look good in these trunks (KING INTL SWIM)”

      1. Hmm lemme finish getting right in this gym so I can apply. These cakes and legs need to be making me some more coins. Yes, Jamari for the level up!

    1. @TheMan Same! I been out here struggling with my upper body, i lost some weight but my body composition is just way off atm ughhh.

  1. Congrats and props on your hustle, Jamari. I can’t personally pull these off but I’ll get a pair as a gift for someone special! 😉

  2. Congratulations to you, I remember when you use to say you wanted to be in a position to find talent, this is a step in that direction.

    Side note, we are about 19 days away from the official start of summer do you think we are going to see any fresh newcomers with amazing bodies on the foxhole

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