robby xl is like big foot at miami beach

miami beach.
i remember going to miami beach and it was “meat” heaven.
i saw some muscular wolves walking the strip,
tails in swim wear,
and nearly passed out from exhaustion.
robby xl loves him some miami beach.
he went viral over this fan encounter…

imagine seeing that big hunk of meat talking towards you,
and then that wide ass massive back as he walks away?

he like a bigfoot sighting out there.
he’s tall and thick.
that video has already gotten 1 million views.
ever since robby did his naked shoot with marvin bienaime,
he has been getting a lot more traction.
i’d like to keep looking at him.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “robby xl is like big foot at miami beach”

  1. Damn, tha’s sexy! I jus’ wish brothas would stop wearin’ socks to/around the beach (I’m actually anti socks w/ any sandal/flip-flop and I my feet aren’t cute, and IDGAF, but tha’s jus me). It doesn’t make you less masculine to show your damn feet y’all!… *shrugs*

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