robby xl gets some alleged pipe leakage?

i’m not a fan of that mop on singer,
robby xl,

i mean,
it ain’t my head,
but i find robby sexier when he has a haircut.


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there we go.
he cums alive when he is feeling himself.


it ain’t my head tho
a lot of folks,
including myself,
thought robby came in a smaller size in his big bawdy.
i had foxholers asking if marvin bienaime ever released the meat in the un-edited shots.
these alleged leaks seem to say otherwise…

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robby xl is like big foot at miami beach

miami beach.
i remember going to miami beach and it was “meat” heaven.
i saw some muscular wolves walking the strip,
tails in swim wear,
and nearly passed out from exhaustion.
robby xl loves him some miami beach.
he went viral over this fan encounter…
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robby xl is gonna sing himself out his own drawz (the naked nine)

robby xl.
i think the first time i saw him was on tumblr.
he dropped down my timeline and i was “who tf?”.
you know i got all the info and started following him on snapchat.
i learned robby is a tall,
aspiring singer,
and a thick wolf from jersey.
i think robby is sexy af.
he has a really handosme face to me.
he’s shouted the foxhole out the times i’ve put him on ig.
when i posted this,
it got a shit ton of views:

welcome to the main foxhole robby.
so robby has been working with marvin bienaime on “the naked nine”.
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marvin bienaime brings about the ideal 3some

oh hey…
so the f-bi is on the hunt for “jail”.
“jail” is the nickname for ^that wolf.
marvin has been teasing him on his ig as only marvin would…

well “jail” was joined by robby xl and…

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kourtney kardashian wanted a rebound so she’s doing a 20

the “boring one” gets a storyline?
so kourtney kardashian has spent her years pretty lowkey.
i mean,
she has had her issues with scott,
but nothing like the other kkk.
well i guess she wanted to change alla that.
so kourtney broke up with her fine young meat,
younes bendjima.

i bet that pipe had her feeling all kinds of young.
younes was 25.
she decided she wanted to go much lower.
how about “20”?
this is who she is allegedly hooking up with now…
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