kourtney kardashian wanted a rebound so she’s doing a 20

the “boring one” gets a storyline?
so kourtney kardashian has spent her years pretty lowkey.
i mean,
she has had her issues with scott,
but nothing like the other kkk.
well i guess she wanted to change alla that.
so kourtney broke up with her fine young meat,
younes bendjima.

i bet that pipe had her feeling all kinds of young.
younes was 25.
she decided she wanted to go much lower.
how about “20”?
this is who she is allegedly hooking up with now…

luca from “grownish” aka luka sabbat.
of ALL the “in their 20s” she could’ve been allegedly banging,
she picks…
i didn’t even want zoe on “grownish” to pick him.
if ima be a cougar,
and wanted to bounce back from my hot ex,
ima at least get my back blown out in this direction:


reggie mantle aka charles melton / actor – 27
moe / attentionisto – he looks barely 21
calvyn james / fashion designer – 22
tray matthews / baller wolf
– 23

robby xl / singer – i dunno his age but he’s sexy af to me

all of these wolves,
and many more i’m sure,
and she gets with her sister’s model friend:

makes sense.

lowkey: luka might have that prince/big dick energy going on.
i must have missed the spell.

*all pictures credited to owners

15 thoughts on “kourtney kardashian wanted a rebound so she’s doing a 20

  1. Isn’t he a colonist? He has a bunch of tweets from 2014 of him dissing black girls and propping up interracial relationships. He’s just another LA koon. Luka that is.

    1. ^a colorist….
      on a show where his love interest is black…
      … a show that tackles mostly black issues….
      … and yara is not shy to speak up as a black young hollywood starlet…

      wasn’t really a fan of him before and now…

  2. He wasn’t my choice for Zoey either, in fact, he wasn’t in the running in my eyes.Team Aaron all the way.

  3. I don’t get it, well she likes a lite meal. that one before look like an all day buffet for sure I could use some every nite!

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