they got kanye defending his wife’s past sex life now

kanye has moved back to chicago.
he proved it by taking a photo like so:

…but alas,
he is having a problem since his move.
nick cannon and drake are his problem.
nick because of this on vlad tv:

…and drake insinuating he allegedly slept with kim.
he walked around his new forest while addressing the issue…

so with him out of the sunken place,
is he still MAGA or nah?
i’m trying to remain hopeful.
nick took to ig to respond:

with the @:

this is the first time ima agree with ye in a long time.
pick one of your favorite ig attentionistos.
imagine you getting with him,
it goes past a few weekends,
and ya’ll get end up together (married or long term).
now picture someone(s),
in full recklessness,
bringing up how they smashed before.
if he is a wolf,
you know a bold one will say:

“I topped him too…”

wouldn’t that make you hot?
or would you even care?

either way,
i think he has a right to be upset.
no male wants to hear about his mate’s sexual past.
i know she dated nick,
but drake is still a question mark.
i know he was allegedly hanging tough with “the mother”:

this is also the downside to getting with “the hoe”.
i do know that kim is kanye’s wife.
he has a right to defend her regardless of her past.
unless she is still on the hoe stroll now,
i font to leave her out of it.
it’s way too easy.

lowkey: i see he is back at his old crib too…

donda’s ghost needs to purge his current demons.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “they got kanye defending his wife’s past sex life now”

  1. Valid points I’m with 100 on this .That said you know he ain’t go be in Chicago for long Kim wouldn’t be able to take it remember she broke up with that one basketball wolf cut he wanted to settle somewhere that was away from the media and L A or whatever

  2. When your wife fucks the entire blaxk NBA team and every black artiste in Hollywood how can you expect no one to talk about it in public. It’s alrwaal boys talk in Hollywood.

    Nigga please. Kanye may call her his wife . She’s still a Hollywood Hoe.

  3. He looked weak as hell even addressing this BS. Your wife was a Whore in her past life, accept it and move on, we have all fallen short and did Hoeish things in our past, but we didnt exploit it for profit either, and keep doing stunts for attention, you cant have your cake and eat it to on this issue. He looked bothered and pressed. If you love her that it is all that matters, you pay the price when you live in the public eye, and she has millions so I could care the Fukk less, Is he going to drag the whole internet because they have an opinion and talk about her past. All the beautiful educated “no scandalous past” Black Women in these United States you looked over and you marry someone who has been passed around more than the mac-n-cheese at Thanksgiving and you want to defend her honor. Pineapple Please! Turn it Over to Jesus and Let Him Work it Out for Ya!

  4. How are we on a blog like this one and y’all calling Kim a hoe? This brings up a good question of how many bodies is an acceptable one. Can’t slut shame Kim

  5. Idc about Koonye, but Nick Cannon is so fine to me. I love his zen personality too. He even alluded to the fact that he’s hung so I’m more intrigued in him.

  6. What Kanye needs to accept is that he didnt marry a nun.. he married the total opposite. He didnt want a regular woman with a regular past, nope, he wanted what he thought was the hottest woman in entertainment. He wanted his version of Beyonce but forgot she sucked and fucked her way through the NBA, NFL, the rap game and Hollywood and now niggas are talking. He expects everyone to have amnesia about Kim, like we weren’t introduced to her with dick in her mouth. Sorry Kanye, you cant change her past or truths. Nor can you stop other men from talking about their time with your wife. You were better off not saying anything and just accepting you married a refurbished hoe.

  7. People keep saying she was a hoe ? HOW ? How many of you are slut shaming men who had multiple partners too? How many of you had multiple partners ? I mean i don’t care about kanye after his whole slavery bs but nick canon needs to stop talking about kim every other two days. If i was his wife i would be worried, it almost like it’s the pic of career. The man was married to Mariah he can talk about that, he dated kim fews months DECADE ago, like man MOVE ON. And the “but they asked him a question” excuse is lame, you can always decline to answer, nobody is forcing you. And the whole “i’ll always express myself and say what i want”… is fun until someone talk about your daughter. You don’t hear reggis bush talking about kim, even ray j stopped it, the guy she married for 3 days… it’s only nick canon who is always talking about her, every single chance he gets. Does he want her bacl or something???

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