they dragged the life outta moe

pineapples sure know how to cancel themselves.
it’s that “low income mentality” that fucks them up each time.
aka @lifewitmoe,
is like any other r. kelly fan.
he sees the freaky lyrics and not the disgusting behavior.
he also seems to be a lowkey homophobe too.
a foxholer alerted me that he was getting dragged on twitter.
this is what he allegedly tweeted from his twitter

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moe does “barber” and his life changed

moe: the entire meal…
but ^that tho?
so remember i made an entry on moe a while back?
( x see it here )
i made it comment that i hated his hair like ^that.
someone made a comment fontin’ that gays lust after someone but throw shade.
so i can’t think someone is sexy,
but not care for something they’re doing/wearing/got on their head?

i’m sorry,
but i font shit because it’s the truth.
i know what i’m fontin’ about.
well i guess when i font my displeasure in something,
the universe comes through with the change.
moe got a new hairstyle and well…
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i wonda what life wit moe is really like?

i won’t even lie to you…
i’ve been wanting to font about moe for a minute.
since wells phargo lost all his sexiness with his schemes,
moe was another attentionisto who was on my radar.
as of right now,
he isn’t a dumb ass,
but he is sexy as-all-f.
so he’s an actor and athlete living in cali,
but he’s from detriot.
aside from looking like a whole snack
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kourtney kardashian wanted a rebound so she’s doing a 20

the “boring one” gets a storyline?
so kourtney kardashian has spent her years pretty lowkey.
i mean,
she has had her issues with scott,
but nothing like the other kkk.
well i guess she wanted to change alla that.
so kourtney broke up with her fine young meat,
younes bendjima.

i bet that pipe had her feeling all kinds of young.
younes was 25.
she decided she wanted to go much lower.
how about “20”?
this is who she is allegedly hooking up with now…
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