moe does “barber” and his life changed

moe: the entire meal…
but ^that tho?
so remember i made an entry on moe a while back?
( x see it here )
i made it comment that i hated his hair like ^that.
someone made a comment fontin’ that gays lust after someone but throw shade.
so i can’t think someone is sexy,
but not care for something they’re doing/wearing/got on their head?

i’m sorry,
but i font shit because it’s the truth.
i know what i’m fontin’ about.
well i guess when i font my displeasure in something,
the universe comes through with the change.
moe got a new hairstyle and well…

now ^that looks good.
everything about that looks delicious.
even the vixens in the video was gassin’.
she clearly knew too.
from the hair to the fit.
that’s how wolves with bawdy need to dress.
the shoes?
i coud do without.
tan/black loafers would have been better:

i’d have to be there to see what would have fit better tho.
i just peeped the red stripe along the side.
i think the shoes throw me off.

i’m looking at it from the perspective of moe is an aspiring actor/model.
he needs to look clean cut and effortless.
everything about his past looks screamed “trying to be like what i see on tv”.
the other hairstyle,
with the clothes he chose,
had him looking dusty to me.
that’s no shade to him,
but look what that haircut did for his whole “look”.

so i’ll allow it.
send in the next wolf that needs a little image guidance.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “moe does “barber” and his life changed”

          1. I’m colorblind so I ask if 2 colors are matching, but that’s it. Men and women alike like what I wear so people don’t offer suggestions anyway.
            If I was going to accept an award or be around the wealthy, maybe I’d take a suggestion so I didn’t look like new money and knew about cuffs, pocket squares and all that jazz

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