chris sails doesn’t look like sideshow bob anymore

i guess this cums just in time for hump day.
chris sails,
who is the youtubing and music making wolf,
part time problematic,
is pretty daggone handsome.
between both clarence and him,
who is queen naija‘s baby daddies,
i’d say he was better looking.
well he finally did something that i’m glad for…

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ryan cleary gets some new head

ryan cleary is one hell of a wolf.
he makes me feel things that i shouldn’t for a taken male.
he’s in a whole relationship so i’m keeping the lust down to volume 3.
God continues to work on me.
well ryan decided to change up his hair recently.
a foxholer sent me in the videos and…
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deven hubbard takes it all off (and i’ll allow it)

so straight gay icon,
deven hubbard,
has a change for this year.
one that i’m thankful for.
he doesn’t have a job or accepts vinny has his alleged soulmate.
he has done something better!

He has cut that dead animal from off his head!

he debuted his new look and…
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moe does “barber” and his life changed

moe: the entire meal…
but ^that tho?
so remember i made an entry on moe a while back?
( x see it here )
i made it comment that i hated his hair like ^that.
someone made a comment fontin’ that gays lust after someone but throw shade.
so i can’t think someone is sexy,
but not care for something they’re doing/wearing/got on their head?

i’m sorry,
but i font shit because it’s the truth.
i know what i’m fontin’ about.
well i guess when i font my displeasure in something,
the universe comes through with the change.
moe got a new hairstyle and well…
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The Weeknd Does Something About Those Tentacles On His Head

tumblr_nvpne8dang1ur0c8do1_500the weeknd finally did it!
he finally cut that octupus off his head.
i know it probably didn’t happen easy.
he probably hid all the clippers and scissors.
well he debuted it on his twitter for his new album,
(um ok)
this is what an f-bi sent me…
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