ryan cleary gets some new head

ryan cleary is one hell of a wolf.
he makes me feel things that i shouldn’t for a taken male.
he’s in a whole relationship so i’m keeping the lust down to volume 3.
God continues to work on me.
well ryan decided to change up his hair recently.
a foxholer sent me in the videos and…

haircuts like this always remind me of a crown.
here are a few videos:

he is so damn handsome.
i told my foxholer that if males could get pregnant,
i’d have to argue with myself in trappin’ his ass.

you know i don’t want cubs,
but i’d make exceptions for certain males.
ryan and his boo are still going strong:

they are gorgeous.

even tho we don’t know WHATS happening behind their scenes,
i try to at least look at the positive of it all.
it’s two black males trying to make it work.
they aren’t being corny about it like others.
you KNOW the others.
once these two get like that,
that’s when i’ll banish them.
for right now,
i’ll allow them both.

26 thoughts on “ryan cleary gets some new head

  1. What’s ur email cuz they relationship isn’t what it appears to be. His big Trace is a wasteman

    1. I was going to say that there is dignity in every job; even as a garbage man, but I looked wasteman up. Interesting!

      1. Lol wasteman is just a slang term in the UK used to describe somebody who ain’t shit. It is derived from Jamaica and was incorporated into UK slang due to the influx of Jamaicans/Caribbeans that came over to the UK during the 40s-60s.

  2. Ryan Cleary gets props in my book for the new hairstyle, the boyfriend and the ways he conducts himself in public in general. He’s in the limelight but he comes off as a decent person, not a psycho or a sociopath. Whatever happens, I wish him the best, and I also wish more people realized that social media platforms don’t give the full reality of anyone’s life, and, like fairytales, soap operas, and reality shows, the truth sometimes is uglier than the enchanting stories and pretty images seem to show.

  3. I think braids look sexy, just not on him. Pornstar Ricky Johnson had one like and it didn’t look good on him either, even though Ricky is cuteish. It must be the way it shapes their head or something.

    Isn’t this the one with the big print or was that the other light-skinned dude I’m thinking about named Jermaine?? 😒

    You know the British dudes think being uncut is superior to circumcision.

    1. Being uncut is superior to circumcision; keep the hood and you always feel good! LOL (Unless it’s too tight, and then….)

    2. Ryan is half Caribbean, I don’t think they collectively practice circumcision in the islands. Not to mention he was raised by a white British single mother and White Brits as a collective (White Europeans tbh) are against circumcision.

      However Black Brits of African background are circumcised because Africans as a whole strongly practice circumcision.

  4. Braids are and have ALWAYS been hot. The idea that a Black man’s hair should be shaved crew cut comes from racism. Hair was a calling card in Africa that would tell where you were from and your social standing. There’s a reason the slaves in paintings were all bald. To take their identity, their hair was shaven so you could not tell where you were from to others without speaking. Once here, slave women had to cover their hair. They only had 1 day of rest, so they put it into protective styles that would last until the next week. In many African nations, jewelry and other things are braided into the hair and worn with pride.

    Braids do not hold on other textures except for ours. Braids, dreadlocks, etc are not so 2004 with Alan iverson, they are a source of pride.

    We say braids and dreadlocs are dirty, but Black men LIVE for a White man with long hair. How many of you would drop the underwear for Jason Momoa? And don’t let it be a mixed man with curly, long hair.

    1. Thank you, Carlton! I love Black men with natural hair, whatever the texture of the hair, from nappy to straight, and I love hairstyles, from afros to cornrows and locs, that work for our hair textures. Ryan Cleary looks even sexier with those cornrows, though he’d look good with almost any hairstyle he chose.

      1. Thanks! I never looked at Michael B. Jordan like that, but his hair in Black Panther piqued my attention. It suited him quite well.

  5. I would love to be a fly on the wall in their bedroom to be honest lol. I want to know who does what in the bedroom…if you know what I mean.

  6. This is my first time hearing that you guys spoke,what did you guys talk about ? DM if it’s X rated 😂

    1. ^ive spoken to a lot of the wolves i’ve posted lol

      they often send me thanks or just cool.
      nothing scandalous with ryan and myself.
      he appreciated a post i made about him and some slight discussion.

  7. I like him(although I don’t like that hairstyle😀 ), he seems down to earth.He answers questions on his page like he mentioned he met Trace at a London bar.He has never tagged him on his page despite people asking on every post ☺ Also he is firm but polite to the people who ask rude questions like who’s the top, who’s the bottom.He sometimes says this is IG not Grindr when people ask that question.Also he responds to comments questioning/doubting his bisexualty respectfully.

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