ryan cleary gets some alleged pipe leakage?

*the following story is alleged.
 i can’t confirm or deny,
but i’ll leave it up to the foxhole

 we like ryan cleary in the foxhole.
he’s an attractive bi wolf with “fuck up your life” potential.
his chest is enough to lower my credit score.
so what’s not to like,
well i got an interesting foxmail from a foxholer today.
it went a little something like this:

Hey J, 

I decided to join LPSG because I’ve noticed there are LOADS of tea/nudes of the IG famous gays on there. I’ve seen some who were also exposed for escorting on there, some clients of these attentionistos have posted there etc
Anyway I decided to search up Ryan Cleary since I’m British I’ve seen him around and I will admit he’s better looking in person. I’m not sure if you’ve already seen it before but I found a thread on LPSG about the reality show where Ryan was on “Survival of The Fittest” and one poster managed to upload screenshots of Ryan sending him penis pics via DM before he was on TV. Now you can clearly see its Ryan because of the lower stomach tatt, his complexion and his old Instagram handle which was @freeflex_uk. 
shout out to all the folks on lpsg.
you are doing the Lord’s work in that neck of the woods.

here are the alleged shots for review…

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ryan cleary gets some new head

ryan cleary is one hell of a wolf.
he makes me feel things that i shouldn’t for a taken male.
he’s in a whole relationship so i’m keeping the lust down to volume 3.
God continues to work on me.
well ryan decided to change up his hair recently.
a foxholer sent me in the videos and…
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ryan clearly and his bae made me realize something within myself

i don’t want to say i’ve given up on love,
but i’ve taken a hiatus.
i’ve spent so many years desperately looking for a wolf,
but these days,
i find more joy being happy and content with myself.
i appreciate other males,
and how good they look,
but “good looks” doesn’t always lead to a “good man”.
neither is an ugly or “nice” one.
it’s no secret that a majority of males are trash.
after getting my heart broken a few times,
or falling for the wrong wolves,
i’ve found peace learning to love myself.
i was a whole mess out here.
when i see videos of ryan cleary and his new bae tho…
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ryan cleary debuts the new role he’s playing (it’s called “taken”?)

oh hey.
ryan cleary.
our favorite bisexual english wolf.
i’ve been wondering who he’s been dating with this new found fame.
foxholers rushed far and wide to show me the following picture.
ryan’s alleged boyfriend has been revealed on his ig and…
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i love a good and sexy bisexual (ryan cleary is that good and sexy bisexual)

nothing better than a good and sexy bisexual.
i call them appetizers before you find your true meal.
so i would always see ^this wolf’s pics all over tumblr.
i thought he was cute af,
but of course,
i never got his name.
well his name is ryan cleary,
he’s from england,
and he’s bi.

a bisexual-bisexual from his own lips.
he is also a big reality star in his country too.
well ryan is on a new reality show in england called “the bi life”,
the show in which he came out on.
this is his intro videos sent from one of my foxholers today…
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