ryan cleary debuts the new role he’s playing (it’s called “taken”?)

oh hey.
ryan cleary.
our favorite bisexual english wolf.
i’ve been wondering who he’s been dating with this new found fame.
foxholers rushed far and wide to show me the following picture.
ryan’s alleged boyfriend has been revealed on his ig and…

i guess the tea on the foxhole was true about ryan.
he likes em dark.
that’s very refreshing,
especially looking like this:

let’s not act like some of these “types” go for lighter or white.
no word on who the boyfriend is as of yet,
but i’ll allow it.

lowkey: oh,
hey “chest”…

you know i lovvvvveeeee a nice chest.

pictures cc: ryan cleary

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “ryan cleary debuts the new role he’s playing (it’s called “taken”?)”

  1. I’m happy for him in addition to the relationship,last week he posted that he signed with a modeling agency, Nev ‘s Model Agency in London.So Congrats to him.

  2. In the UK being bisexual is as common as interracial relationships are here. No one really makes a big deal about it. Ryan seems like the type to identify as Black so no wonder he’s with another Black man.

    1. Oh yes they do.. Plastic surgery is very common &in the UK.

      Black men maybe not as much because Plastic surgery isn’t that normalised in African & Caribbean cultures but within the mainstream (Native white Brits), surgery is very normalised. Plenty of white male celebrities casually go and get hair transplants, new teeth, botox, nose jobs etc.

      Most of the men on UK reality shows have had some sort of cosmetic surgery

      Ryan was raised by a white British mother with no father around so him going under the knife wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Although I’m assuming he didnt based on his older photos

  3. YES , YES Black on Black!! ( I am so Turned off by Brothers who don’t seem to appreciate what is in the mirror, or their Black mothers) Its ok to date variety, but when you stick to something that’s not you its suspect in your self identify. That goes for any culture who avoids there own.

  4. He has a white mother so he’s not black. He’s mixed, mulatto or biracial–like Barack Obama, Mariah Carey, Boris Kodjo, Shemar Moore and many others. Remember: It’s racist to call such persons black.

    1. In north America it’s very different once your mixed with black your are called black , especially in the U.S.A.

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