food poisoning and panic attacks

i experienced a panic attack last night.
it was followed by food poisoning.
the outcome wasn’t pretty.
in fact,
it was quite eye-opening for me.
in those moments of a panic attack tho,
you think you’re taking your last breath

i woke up at like 4 am this morning.
my body pulled me out of my sleep.
i felt like i was gonna be sick.
i didn’t know wtf was happening,
but i wanted to throw up.
i did,
which was followed by much more of it,
but there was something more to it.
i felt like i was going into a panic.

heart was racing
breath was short
couldn’t breath
crying uncontrollably

i kept asking myself

Is this it?
Is this how I die?

i called my cousin a few states away.
she woke up outta her sleep and knew what was up.
i spent the next hour and a half,
battling between doing 1 and 2,
and trying to be calmed down.
i didn’t want to call out,
but i ended up doing it.
i was still throwing up when my alarm was going off.

i had the panic attack because i’m still a temp at the job i’m at now.
the job is its own stress,
as i’e been tweeting and venting on ig stories,
but i need money right now.
all my savings are gone due to when i was unemployed.
they held the “you can’t call out” shit over my head,
but i was feeling like shit this morning so i made that decision.
i made the mistake of putting shackles on at a job.
something i vowed i’d never do again.
i learned my lesson this morning tho.
i’ll see to it that it won’t happen again.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “food poisoning and panic attacks”

  1. Jamari, your digestive system is directly linked to your feelings. If you’re stressed, you can trigger constipation, bloating, diarrhea, all kinds of things. You have to learn to manage stress.

    Watch some stress relief videos on YouTube BEFORE you get stressed, so the next time that you get a panic attack/feel overwhelmed, you do you can try what you saw until something works. There’s no cure all for stress and it’s an inescapable part of life so better managing it could be the difference between such a flareup. Also, don’t eat too many dairy-heavy, spicy big meals the night before a work morning. It can cause heart burn and bloating.

    Try to go to sleep on an empty stomach. Meaning eating your last meal at least 2 hours before bedtime to have time to digest it.

    Also your activity level will determine how quickly you digest. If you sit around all day, it’ll go slower. If you move around at least 15 minutes every hour, that’ll speed it up.

    Drink water before you eat. Eat slowly. Eating quickly, you swallow air and that leads to excessive gas. Drink constantly. Make your urine clear.

    Try a cleanse the night before a 2 day off break. Don’t need to buy anything fancy. Just eat apples and water only. You’ll go to the bathroom constantly. But you’ll also help flush out the crap sitting inside you.

    Feel better and look into homeopathic meds. Much safer than over the counter and prescribed stuff.

    Keep this in mind. Doctors get a cut every time they prescribe you something. Look up natural alternatives. Pharmacy meds mess with your liver and body at a rate you don’t need to risk.

  2. Oh, and since you called out, get to work super early to straighten up. Maybe get coffee and Dunkin Donuts for the office and offer to stay late, today.

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