so let’s look into jussie smollett’s police report

so they released the alleged police report for this jussie smollett saga.
it seems to match up with everything jussie has said…

i doubt they’ll ever find who did this.
the images look like two ghosts and there is no video of the assault.
this is probably gonna go down as one of life’s greatest mysteries like:

Where is Amelia Airheart?
Who Shot Biggie and Pac?
What Did Mexicans Do To Trump?

and then:

Who jumped Jussie Smollett?

it will lead to everyone always questioning if he’s telling the truth.
i’m sure it will boost his status tho.

A gay actor/activist who was in an alleged hate crime with MAGA supporters

that makes wikipedia pop.

lowkey: God help him because they seem to be gunning for him now…

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16 thoughts on “so let’s look into jussie smollett’s police report”

  1. They didn’t say nothing about LeBron James His house was vandalized by a racist white man Which they didn’t have a video of the incident

    1. Lebron house being vandalized was all over the news when it happened. Everyone from NAACP to political officials commented on it. Lebron nor his family filed a police report. None of them were home when it happened.

      1. I understand that I was saying how do you doing to Jesse Smollett didn’t you do the same thing with LeBron James There were no video of the incident of LeBron James home being vandalized There were many holes to their story Even the cop showed up and said there were no spray paint on the house and one of the people who worked at LeBron James home said that There was a video recording of it which that wasn’t true And his house is a mansion it got lotta cameras So how is the house with spray paint With no witnesses seen it in many racist white people said that it was on stage Actually they did file a police report.

  2. Remember it was the days the so called Vortex was in effect. limiting the amt of people on the the witness pool was also limited.

  3. Chiiii, they still talking about this while Trump fawking up y’all tax system and now some folks are gonna have to pay more than they thought and get a new tax bill. Some folks probblably not getting a refund at all. You should see tge some of posts left by the Trump clan. They are seriously regretting their votes…

    Why are they still investigating this anyways?

    Oh, that’s right, all press, even “bad” is still press. They pick & choose. I bet if this was Cardi B or something they wouldn’t be doing no investigation on her to see if she made it up or not…Was Poppin, besides Mary Poppins? 😀

  4. So confused rn…. I don’t think you know how police report works. It match up to everything what Jussie claimed because that what he reported to the police. It’s just reporting on what he said what happen, so yeah… it’s not victory or anything.

    1. Right! A police report doesn’t corroborate a story, it is your story as told too police. I couldn’t care less about this story unless it opens the eyes for people to take hate crimes more seriously.

  5. I still believe Jussie, but if he is lying his career is over. In the type of racial and homophobic climate we are in right now you don’t lie about something like this. To be quite honest if I was attacked like that I would call the cops immediately to get the attackers off the street and make sure they don’t do it to someone else. I don’t understand why he had to be coaxed by his manager to do it.

  6. It really saddens me to say this but I now look at Jussie Smollett with a side eye. And until something new develops with this case I will remain skeptical but resist the urge to form conclusions based on conjecture.

  7. I think Chicago police chief will not let this go. He’s either going to find out who did this or call Jussie a liar in front of the camera and then his career is done. When he said we are treating him like a victim… for now. I wanna see the video of him walking in the building without going to security– did he still have his sandwich? I need to see these things.

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