marvin bienaime casts another one for the couch

i wasn’t trying to be messy,
i swear.
so hey foxhole…
i sorta lost my breath for a second.
so marvin bienaime has another brand new edition.
this wolf is going to be in his new coffee book on march 1st.
i mean…

he looks very “jail”.
sexy af tho.
he looks familiar too.
does charlie has some competition?

it might seem so.
everyone is asking wtf is he already.
let’s hope this one doesn’t turn us off quickly.

Can you round up the ig,
dick reports,
and potential scandals for this one?

thanks a bunch.

lowkey: i lovvvvvvvvve the male bawdy…

such a sight.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “marvin bienaime casts another one for the couch”

  1. I’m getting major Prison vibes off this Wolf!!! This MoFo so fine he got my pocketbook flooded already!!! #WhewChile

  2. I remember seeing that vid. Even though I normally roll my eyes at stuff like this…The dude is hot. I definitely wanna smack him on his man butt for sure. He looks like one of those types that needs to stay silent tho. Just be quiet, pose & be sexy

    Low-key from the first picture looks like J.D. Blackstone

    What kinda camera filters is Marvin using on these men’s skin..?? Lol

  3. So it seems pretty clear that Bienaime insists on filming these men NAKED yet none of the nudes are published. The question is WHY? Why does he require these models to be filmed and photographed buck assed naked yet the nude photos aren’t for public consumption?

    Ole creepy bastid 😒

    1. ADDENDUM: so it seems Creepy Marvin is now claiming his next project will feature semi nude and fully nude men. I believe this is a way for him to give cover for years of asking men to submit nudes. He can now say:

      “ see, I published a semi nude coffeebook, that’s why I wanted to see your Dick and Balls in advance”

      lol 😆

      1. ^bllack refuses to keep his foot off mb’s neck 😂
        you brought up an interesting point tho.

        i don’t see why anyone even would ask for nudes in a shoot like this.
        is it to see if the dick would look appealing for the shoot?

        can someone explain?

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