ariana grande got smoke for the entire grammys

i was done with the grammys when they played b and rih that one year.
they nominated rih for like 7 awards and gave her nothing.
b lost to adele for “lemonade”.
well they played ariana grande today.
the grammy producer,
ken ehrlich,
said in the following that ariana posted on her twitter:

well ariana took offense and this is what she tweeted…

this is ken:

ariana’s twitter is a real treat.
i love how she gives no fucks to gives.
i don’t blame her tho.
the grammys have been playing games with artists for years now.
it’s all politics and i see why many don’t attend anymore.
is this why jlo doing an alleged MOTOWN tribute this year?

x read more here

have all the black folks cancelled?
it’s seriously come to this.
before it use to be an event to be at the grammys,
but it’s starting to look like folks are over it.

Do they have young blood in the Grammy committee?

if not,
it’s time that they should.

lowkey: is it me,
or has her music gotten really…

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7 thoughts on “ariana grande got smoke for the entire grammys”

  1. I feel the grammys have slept on chris brown since Rihanna i mean its a award show and chris is the it male r n b artist it guy out hate or love him hes a bad ass entertainer and cira never gets a shout out bottom line grammys shit on black singrrs unless u rap

    1. Chile boo, Chris Brown is the destroyer of himself, they were on their way to the Grammy when Chris did what he did to Rih if anyone can say no to Chris it’s the grannies. He ruined what could have been the biggest night of his life, he and Run were on their way to being hey and Jay but he messed up. Everything you said about male artists is true but just know Chris is the only one who hurt himself

  2. Ariana is not an artist. She is a somewhat capable singer. She can hold a note. She sings whatever they give her. She has no real identity outside what rubs off on her from her Black friends, which is why 7 Rings sounds so random. So this “about the art”, Girl Bye. From what I have heard, it’s not a cohesive album and is just what “is radio friendly now”. Artists do something different from what’s “hot”, have a theme and while it may not be appreciated, it becomes classic when people look back at it. She is Pop. She is “What’s popular”.

    Quite frankly no White people should be performing at ANY Awards shows this month.

    You gave us the Shortest Month of the Year? Then let us have that freaking month. Every award show should be a tribute to those whose tunes, style and soul you stole.

  3. The only song I’m familiar with by Ariana Grande is “breathin”… (and I kinda like it)….

    But beyond that, I’m not much of a fan. But I’m obviously not her targeted demographic so whateverz…. anyhoo, home wrecker Alicia Keys will be hosting the Grammys so there’s that…

  4. No tears from me. She is nominated in less major categories. Ariana has no stage presence. I think she trying her best suddenly to be Mariah2019 –it gets no play from me.

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