ariana grande got smoke for the entire grammys

i was done with the grammys when they played b and rih that one year.
they nominated rih for like 7 awards and gave her nothing.
b lost to adele for “lemonade”.
well they played ariana grande today.
the grammy producer,
ken ehrlich,
said in the following that ariana posted on her twitter:

well ariana took offense and this is what she tweeted…

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the forests hurt for ariana grande

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David X Prutting/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

i get the impression they were soulmates
i didn’t really get into mac miller all like that,
but it’s really sad that he died way too soon.
i’ve read nothing but good things about him.
ariana grande,
who dated mac miller for over 2 years before breaking up,
has been pretty silent over his unexpected passing.
she put this up on her ig 6 days ago:

…with no caption.
she broke her silence with this…
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was ariana grande the live example of #metoo yesterday?


Did we witness Ariana Grande allegedly get molested on live tv yesterday?

well the survey is saying “maybe”.
this may have all happened in plain view at a funeral.
it happened after ariana performed “natural woman” at aretha’s homegoing.
the host at the funeral,
bishop charles ellis III

grabbed her to say a few words after her performance.
this is a clip of the suggested aftermath…

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Ariana Grande Fonts A Grande Message

so as you know,
or didn’t,
ariana grande has postponed the rest of her tour since the tragedy in manchester after her concert.
my prayers go out to her because i don’t know how she can still do it.
i would need a couple months off to re-coup.
i guess money needs to be made tho.
well she wrote a nice message for her fans on her ig.
this is what she had to font
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As We Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

fear will have you paralyzed.
it will make you look under rocks and checking holes for potential danger.
you gotta wonder about the person standing next to you.
they “look” normal,
but underneath is a whole nother story.
that is the world we are living in.
it can create fear.
you can’t even go out and have fun without being on high alert.
for the cubs who attended the ariana grande concert in london yesterday,
they were looking to have a “grand” time.
now 22 are dead,
others are severely injured,
and many are still missing due to a suicide bomber.

how the fuck did that asshole even get in the venue?
there a lot of questions.
well i have an answer to one already…
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I’m A Dangerous Fox (You Make Me)


okay ariana.
with your lolita lookin’ tail.
those rabbit ears are so suggestive.
they really make play up her “younger/old” look.
it’s very interesting.

i dig this album.
i listened to it all day.
every song i like.
she always seems to mature with every album.

i’m just glad they burned those gogo boots from last era.

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