As We Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

fear will have you paralyzed.
it will make you look under rocks and checking holes for potential danger.
you gotta wonder about the person standing next to you.
they “look” normal,
but underneath is a whole nother story.
that is the world we are living in.
it can create fear.
you can’t even go out and have fun without being on high alert.
for the cubs who attended the ariana grande concert in london yesterday,
they were looking to have a “grand” time.
now 22 are dead,
others are severely injured,
and many are still missing due to a suicide bomber.

how the fuck did that asshole even get in the venue?
there a lot of questions.
well i have an answer to one already…

We ain’t safe in these forests

you can be as cautious as you think,
be around tremendous security at a concert,
or just hanging at with friends like richard wilbur collins III.
who knew his night would end in such tragedy ( x at the paws of a killer jackal )?
it’s getting so bad that we can’t even hook up with protection.
that dick down could very well be your last.
hell our bank accounts ain’t even safe now!!
fuck robbing a bank.
let’s just stick up the debit cards and checking account numbers.

so we gotta pray,
walk out the door,
and realize that it might be our last.
unfortunately there are jackals that don’t care about us,
what we accomplish,
or all we leave behind.
that is just the reality.
it’s depressing af,
but it’s truth.
so i have to ask

Are you living your best life?

if not,
you should really start.

lowkey: i’m so disgusted the bomb at the ariana concert had nuts and bolts in it.
that means it probably ripped through flesh so easily.
i’m sick.

*i’ll continue to pray for you all.
rip to all the victims at the ariana grande concert,
richard wilbur collins III,
and prayers to all the families who are grieving.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “As We Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death”

  1. This is terrible man. I agree with this whole entry. I honestly try my best not to live in fear and I try everyday to live my best life possible and be in the moment especially with friends and family. I always tell the people I care about how I feel about them because you never know. You truly do not know when you will not be here anymore.

  2. The Manchester Bomber wasn’t inside the venue.He was outside one of the exits at 10:30.He waited until the concert was over and detonated the bomb as concertgoers were leaving the concert and heading to the train station.I just saw a picture of one of the victims , an 8 year old girl.She was at the concert with her mother and sister who were both injured.The suicide bomber was homegrown,from Machester.Of course ISIS is taking credit.

    Regarding Richard Collins III, Today was supposed to be his Graduation Day from Bowie State University,from the Colege of Business.Last week he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army.I saw his dad on NBC News last night.Personally IDK how people have the strength to do interviews hours or days after their loves ones have been murdered.I would be a blubbering mess.You are planning to attend a graduation and now you are making funeral arrangements because some racist asshole killed your child.


  3. This incident has shaken me to the core. They keep saying you cant let the terrorist win but they are going to win by allowing our society’s to turn into militarized zones because fear overtakes us and we will do whatever it takes to remain safe. I have never really addressed this with too many people, but I get anxiety when I am in crowds especially Arena’s or at Festivals, it is not too bad yet but things like this do not help. I cant even watch the coverage thinking that these are babies who havent had a chance. Another part of me looks at all the children in war torn places like Syria who die everyday at the hands of monsters but in our collective American minds, that is another world away and it really does not effect us. It is almost like these terrorist want the western world to feel the pain they live with everyday. Whats even more scarier for us in America, is that we have a complete idiot in charge of our country, he literally scares me daily because I can already see the writing on the wall. This bastard does not have a clue about how government works and neither do any of his republican cohorts, so we are gonna pretty much be up shit creek if similar incidents start happening in our country. As with 9/11 we were punished as a whole at Airports. Things are only going to get worse as we have more people on the planet fighting for what little resources we have left, and everybody is pitted against each other based on skin color and religious preferences. I really dont know anything about Ariana Grande but I feel so bad for her, I dont know for sure but isnt she only a teenager herself, I heard she is not doing well after this, I hope she is strong enough to come back. I am sure she is feeling the weight of this tragedy on her shoulders. We got to live life and not give up but this gives me great pause about even wanting to go out to any concerts or any other events with large crowds.

    1. ^i think she is gonna blame herself.
      she needs to realize it wasn’t her fault.

      these days,
      my anxiety goes crazy when the train sticks in the tunnel longer than usual.
      if its packed then forget it.
      i can imagine how i’ll be in an packed situation.
      i’m starting to be “ok” on crowds now.

  4. I just can’t, these stories are too sad. I’m so sick of reading and watching stories like this. Rip to everyone.

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