the battles of those around us we know nothing about (virgil abloh)

you know what everyone says when someone dies:

“Love on people while they’re still here.”

everyone says that when some big celebrity passes.
you know how celebs help others question their molarity or to do the right thing.
this weekend,
we lost virgil abloh due to his secret battle with cancer.
he trailblazed during his young life as a menswear designer for louis vuitton and his own brand,
off white.
he worked with everyone from jay z to ye.
he had MANY friends and admirers in the industry who are mourning his passing.
he was 41.
what i took from this passing is,
we need to appreciate those while they are still here but…

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rip young dolph (escape your hood)

i’m not a hiphop fox all like that so i don’t know much about young dolph.
i’m learning about him because he was killed today.
he was gunned down in his hometown of memphis while supporting a black business.
right before he was shot,
young dolph was picking up cookies for his mother at makedas cookies.
this was a video from a few days ago at the same cookie shop:


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it’s admirable to want to support a business from his hood but the reality is…

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rip to our flatbush king, michael k. williams

you ever wanted to know someone?
you heard so many good things about them that you had to meet them one day?
it’s unfortunate when you have to hear about these things after they pass away.
they are just “another person” until you hear their stories.
they were a treasure that you didn’t get to have.
a luxury you didn’t get to experience.
in a world filled with shallow waters and low-hanging fruit,
a natural-born paradise is really a once and a lifetime oppurtunity.
i read all the kind things people had to say about our late acting wolf,
michael k. williams.

he died due to a drug overdose in his apartment in bk yesterday.
born in brooklyn; died in brooklyn.
 i didn’t know him personally but…

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aaliyah’s death was truly a butterfly effect for many of us

i’ve been listening to aaliyah’s “one in a million” album since its release last week.
it made me listen to other 90s teen r&b around that era too.
if you’re on the ig foxhole,
you can tell i’m down the rabbit hole with my stories.
aaliyah’s 20th death anniversary was yesterday and i still cannot believe its been that long.

My mother died the same year.
9/11 was the same year too.

even through all those events,
i’m still here even when i thought i would have killed myself a long time ago.
of course,
with any death anniversary,
i went down the rabbit hole of aaliyah’s short life and death.
i saw this clip of dame dash,
her ex,
from an et memorial special yesterday…

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rip tyrique fisher (the mourning from strangers feels like clout tho)

on social media

Every smile doesn’t mean someone is happy.
Every relationship doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
Every friendship doesn’t mean it’s real.
Every picture doesn’t tell the whole story.

we all create and curate what we want people to see,
but a majority of folks aren’t truly happy.
everyone has their own personal issues that aren’t shown in the blocks on social media.
everyone is mourning tyrique fisher aka @_tymula_ today.
he took his own life and this was his final ig post:


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there are a lot of IG stories and tweets of:

“We need to check in on people!”
“You don’t know what people are going through…”

…and no cap,
but i think it’s a bunch of bullshit.
this always happens on social media when someone takes their own life…

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a death in (mi) family

i woke up this morning and saw 7 missed calls on my phone.
they were all around 6 am.
it was from mi’s aunt.
i felt a fear come over me.

“Is this it?
Is this the call?”

mi has been on my mind lately.
when i called,
all i heard was her aunt screaming.
this is when i started to pace around my apartment.
i pace around my apartment when i’m worried.
i’ll walk around my kitchen to the living room in a complete circle.

“_______ died!
She died!””

i couldn’t understand the name,
but once she got it out

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