imagine seeing a baby flying out a car in an accident? Jesus…

they say don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.
i use to hear that all the time from my grandmother.
i’ll add another to the “things not to do“:

Don’t drive drunk,
which is a no-brainer,
but also don’t drive while arngry or arguing.

if you didn’t know,
our adrenaline is pumping when we are angry.
the following has disturbed me to no end.
this video of this car legit plowing through a red light,
killing 6 victims,
which included someone pregnant and their baby.

do you see how fast she was going?????
did she think she was in a rocket?
what in the entire fuck!

it was the details from the scene that disturbed me the most…

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rest in peace to cheslie kryst

The marvelous and curated world of social media.

a place where we can fool and even convince.
we always font about this.

We never know what people are going through.

people are shocked that a beauty queen would take their own life.
cheslie kryst,
who was the 2019 miss usa and also a lawyer,
did just that today

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every time that i put on this tank album…

i was doing some journaling,
listening to this tank album after having a really tiring day,
and i get this horrible news about regina king’s son via “b scott”…

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i’m laying here,
listening to a tank album,
and i saw my phone screen light up in the dark.
when i turn to look at it,
i see:

Ex-Vogue Cheif Andre Leon Talley Dead at 73

at first,
i thought i saw “en vogue” and jumped outta bed.
uuummmmm via “tmz“…


rest in power rose nylund aka betty white

you know what foxhole?
when i feel something random in my spirit,
it is usually leading me to an answer.
all this week,
i have been thinking about betty white.
it started with me wondering how she was doing and led to me watching “rose nylund” videos.
that is her legendary character in “golden girls”.
this is legit the last one i watched:

my girl passed today.
she was the last standing from the golden quartet.
“golden girls” got me through the beginning of the panny.
it’s one of my comfort shows because my family loved it growing up in barbados.
i don’t feel sad because she lived a long and fulfilling life.
99 ain’t no easy thing to get to but betty made it that far.
below are her secrets to living a long life…

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