our legend, tina turner, was called home today

i was introduced to tina turner at a young age.
to say that my family was obsessed would be an understatement.
i think many caribbean folks loved them some tina tuner.
tina was called home and even tho i’m sad…

…i’m celebrating this black queen who escaped abuse,
her story was told in a movie that two other black legends acted in…

went on to have a fulfilling career,
received tremendous flowers,
birthed a future mini legend:


…got inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame twice,
and retired to live a peaceful life.
to live until 83 is simply a blessing that many won’t see.
i’m happy to say i got to enjoy her music while she was here.
one of my fav songs i have been randomly playing for weeks:

but many of my fav songs happen to be the ones with “that man”:

my all time fav:

i played ^this song tf out one year.
i promise ya’ll it was the top song on my spotify wrapped that year.

Rest in power,
Tina Turner.
You simply were the best.

5 thoughts on “our legend, tina turner, was called home today

  1. Now this is the post. You were Simply The Best. You thought Aretha’s funeral was big, this is going to be big

  2. Long live the Queen of Rock & Soul! My first memory of Tina’s dominance was her commercials for Hanes underwear. Her legs are cemented in my mind as to what I want people to say about my legs when they see them. What’s Love Got To Do With It is top 5 in my favorite movies of my lifetime. River Deep Mountain High is my all time favorite Tina song and I hope when the Tina tributes start pouring in that somebody sangs the hell out of it. Tina should be remembered and celebrated by blacks so I really hope BET doesn’t skip over her like they did Natalie Cole and Donna Summer before her.

  3. I greet one of the security guards at my job with the shoulder rol that Tina did when she performed Rollin. This security guard is in her 50s and our love language is quoting memorable lines from Black movies. So while I was at work I felt like I was about to gag when i heard the news.

  4. Join me in asking that her beautiful Soul returns to the Light now. Travel peacefully our Beloved Tina.
    🙏🏽💖✨💖✨💖✨💖✨💐💐💐We lost an ICON today. She began to live her life when she said NO to that horrible excuse of a husband. She is now with our ancestors. May she continue to see bright days and glorious nights. Love n Light sister. Sleep in peace 🙏🙏

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