our legend, tina turner, was called home today

i was introduced to tina turner at a young age.
to say that my family was obsessed would be an understatement.
i think many caribbean folks loved them some tina tuner.
tina was called home and even tho i’m sad…

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rest in power to terrance dean, author of hiding in hip hop and foxhole inspo

things tend to come full circle.
star fox and i were obsessed with “hiding in hip hop” when it dropped.
it was written by terrance dean and came out in 2008.
the book was about a gay male who told his tales about black dl hollywood.
he dropped hints about who was dl but never revealed names.
it’s very similar to how i operate on the foxhole tbh.
a short time after i read it,
i was connected to terrance and we spoke on the phone.
i told him that i was fascinated by his life and his journey.
i was also super ready to jump head first into black dl hollywood.
head first.
it made me want to write.
it inspired me to blog about a life i didn’t think existed.
i’ll be transparent but the foxhole was inspired tremendously by his book.
on star fox’s birthday yesterday,
a foxholer sent me some devastating news…

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rest in peace to cheslie kryst

The marvelous and curated world of social media.

a place where we can fool and even convince.
we always font about this.

We never know what people are going through.

people are shocked that a beauty queen would take their own life.
cheslie kryst,
who was the 2019 miss usa and also a lawyer,
did just that today

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i’m laying here,
listening to a tank album,
and i saw my phone screen light up in the dark.
when i turn to look at it,
i see:

Ex-Vogue Cheif Andre Leon Talley Dead at 73

at first,
i thought i saw “en vogue” and jumped outta bed.
uuummmmm via “tmz“…


rest in power to flex deon-blake

even if it’s porn,
people have started legit careers and become legends in their fields.
i’d like to think that is what we all strive for.
in whatever fields we go into,
we do our best so that we become respected and open doors for those behind us.
we can’t look down on people because they aren’t in “respected” fields.

Sex work is something we all have enjoyed at some point in our lives.

i’ll be the first to admit that I’m not familiar with gay porn wolf,
flex deon.
after doing the research before i wrote this entry,
i learned…

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hank aaron left us as well.

lawd ham mercy,
what is going on today?
it comes to a point where we will lose our legends.
we are not meant to stay here on earth permanently.
as we age; so do they.
what is good to know is that they made a difference with their time here on earth.
hank aaron,
our black baseball great,
is not with us anymore as well…

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