rest in power to terrance dean, author of hiding in hip hop and foxhole inspo

things tend to come full circle.
star fox and i were obsessed with “hiding in hip hop” when it dropped.
it was written by terrance dean and came out in 2008.
the book was about a gay male who told his tales about black dl hollywood.
he dropped hints about who was dl but never revealed names.
it’s very similar to how i operate on the foxhole tbh.
a short time after i read it,
i was connected to terrance and we spoke on the phone.
i told him that i was fascinated by his life and his journey.
i was also super ready to jump head first into black dl hollywood.
head first.
it made me want to write.
it inspired me to blog about a life i didn’t think existed.
i’ll be transparent but the foxhole was inspired tremendously by his book.
on star fox’s birthday yesterday,
a foxholer sent me some devastating news…

Terrance Dean β€”Β a beloved Denison University professor, the Columbus Museum of Art’s first Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Scholar-in-Residence, and editorial board member for The Columbus Dispatch β€” died this week at the age of 53.

Details are still unclear as to how or when exactly Dean died. Denison officials said Dean had recently felt unwell and briefly spent time at a local hospital. Columbus police performed a wellness check Thursday and found him dead at his Downtown home.

i am blown away.
i hope that terrance didn’t suffer and his transition was peaceful.
i want to thank him for being an inspiration to me.
rest in power terrance dean.

article cc / read more about terrance dean’s life: here

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “rest in power to terrance dean, author of hiding in hip hop and foxhole inspo”

  1. Oh No so very sorry to hear this sad news. I wrote him a note on Facebook when his book came out years ago and we became Facebook friends. He hasn’t really been active in recent years, I think he was pursuing his Doctorate Degree and was in fact successful in obtaining it. He was just a real down to earth nice guy. Sending love to his surviving family members and may he rest in enteral peace.

  2. Wow. He was still young. I pray his transition was peaceful. Now the torch of his inspiration will be passed on. Praying for peace for his loved ones. I’m going to search for the book as well.

  3. I grew up in Columbus, and I actually knew Aminah Robinson, and lived in the same neighborhood where she resided. As a kid, she taught me and my classmates art from an African and Black cultural lens. I never knew Dean landed in Columbus, Ohio. I am sure Aminah would be proud of the first recipient of an endowment in her name being awarded to Dean. She also had a son name Sidney who committed suicide, and would have been a few years older than Dean.

  4. That’s too bad! He wrote a good book in 2003 — “Reclaim Your Power! A 30-Day Guide to Hope, Healing and Inspiration for Men of Color”. RIP Terrance Dean …

  5. This was very sad news to hear. Terrance and I were in undergraduate school together. He was a funny, smart guy.

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