so pastors be mentally abusing ya’ll for movado watches now?

i like an all black-faced watch.
i love black matte cars so i might be tad biased.
it really sets off the flex,

doesn’t it?
^this movado watch on their site costs $395.
a movado watch at sam’s club is a tad under $300 dollars.
a pastor in kansas city,
with a black belt in verbal uppercuts,
decided to mentally abuse his members for a movada watch…

oh wow.
is this the new flex in church?
it’s an old one but this is just a bolder version.
some pastors love to play the passive aggressive abuse.
they’ll spend the last 30 minutes before offering trying to get one.
there are a lot of words being thrown at you that get you to donate.
thats when they’ll do an impromptu praise break/altar call.
i feel like…

Pastors shouldn’t be begging their congregations for material shit.

if you feel it in your spirit to do so then go ahead.
these pastors know their flock has low self-worth nowadays.
it’s easy to manipulate them into doing their bidding.
it’s similar to stan culture with celebrities in many ways.
i bet you one thing…

They went ahead like good little sheep and bought him that Movado watch too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “so pastors be mentally abusing ya’ll for movado watches now?”

  1. Ridiculous! And people wonder why church attendance in some areas are dropping fast. I’m sure God did not call him to preach. A mess!

    1. ^i think people are getting hip to the scam that is most churches.
      they don’t come from a genuine place and know their members are not rich.
      it’s pretty vile.
      i remember that one reality show with a pastor’s family and the pastor wanted an airplane or something.
      i was like tffffffff…

      1. Sounds like Creflo.
        See, those folks are crazy. He wouldn’t have gotten shyt from me. I would’ve walked out the door the minute he started his tirade, and that would’ve been the last he saw of me.
        WTF? These church dudes are starting to get ridiculous with theirs. I still think the one that got robbed on camera was behind the whole thing, and it was nothing but an insurance scam.

        1. ^i don’t think anyone will ever see me in a church again except for an event,
          or christening.
          other than that,
          i’m good on anything resembling friday and sunday service.

  2. When I was young like 4-5 there was a church we went to that became cult like and I remember my mother saying the ushers locked the doors during some particular time I can’t remember the circumstance

    But needless to say we never went back

  3. He is the reason people don’t go to church and pay tithes because majority feels it goes straight to the Pastor pockets. There are some who use it for the church. Most get a salary that doesn’t come from the tithes.

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