rest in power to terrance dean, author of hiding in hip hop and foxhole inspo

things tend to come full circle.
star fox and i were obsessed with “hiding in hip hop” when it dropped.
it was written by terrance dean and came out in 2008.
the book was about a gay male who told his tales about black dl hollywood.
he dropped hints about who was dl but never revealed names.
it’s very similar to how i operate on the foxhole tbh.
a short time after i read it,
i was connected to terrance and we spoke on the phone.
i told him that i was fascinated by his life and his journey.
i was also super ready to jump head first into black dl hollywood.
head first.
it made me want to write.
it inspired me to blog about a life i didn’t think existed.
i’ll be transparent but the foxhole was inspired tremendously by his book.
on star fox’s birthday yesterday,
a foxholer sent me some devastating news…

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Money, Cars, and HOES… Thats All A Fox Knows.

Apparently the world has taken a dramatic shift in it’s main core.

Well humans have actually.
It seems these days that a sex tape means 100,000 followers automatically.

Use to be strippers who dated rappers are now getting talk shows and major endorsements.

and sucking the right dicks will have you on New York Best Seller List.

All while being a respectable human being puts you in a segregated dumpster.
The same dumpster the ho use to reside in… until they moved to 1200 Come Up on Easy Street.

Now, Jamari isn’t telling you to be  HO.
Sure, I say that if you are dating a Wolf, make sure his money is in order.
Who would want to date a broke man who can’t even afford a plastic cup to pee in?
BUT… I will tell you how being a bore and good two shoes can pretty much have you alone.
To catch a Wolf or a career by the toe…

Eenie Meeni Miny… Ho?

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Model Mayhem

So I went with my boss to an event my job was holding,
tired as all get out,
and I was happily surprised that it was for a male model casting…

You know I perked up when I saw all the various flavored meat.

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