Money, Cars, and HOES… Thats All A Fox Knows.

Apparently the world has taken a dramatic shift in it’s main core.

Well humans have actually.
It seems these days that a sex tape means 100,000 followers automatically.

Use to be strippers who dated rappers are now getting talk shows and major endorsements.

and sucking the right dicks will have you on New York Best Seller List.

All while being a respectable human being puts you in a segregated dumpster.
The same dumpster the ho use to reside in… until they moved to 1200 Come Up on Easy Street.

Now, Jamari isn’t telling you to be  HO.
Sure, I say that if you are dating a Wolf, make sure his money is in order.
Who would want to date a broke man who can’t even afford a plastic cup to pee in?
BUT… I will tell you how being a bore and good two shoes can pretty much have you alone.
To catch a Wolf or a career by the toe…

Eenie Meeni Miny… Ho?

I don’t think being a blatant ho is for me.
I’d probably take 20 showers daily to wash of the regret that landed somewhere on my body.

I tried being a little more free spirited as far as letting random Wolves come over to cum thru,
but I got bored with the “LETS FUCK” rather than “HEY GET TO KNOW ME… THEN LETS FUCK.”

As a super duper no hold’s barred ho, I’m sure I would fail.
I rather be a dirty little ho to my Wolf.
Where is the fun in giving all my best tricks to each treat that lays on my bed.
But, I have learned that you have to go between both lines to be truly successful.

Being a ho can be fun.
You can look at a Wolf and know exactly what you want.
Like I said, some Wolves are just good enough to FUCK.
A good ho can sniff this out.
BUT, the benefits of being a goody goody also have it’s benefits too.
You can get the respect of those around you and your business is pretty much quiet.
You do not lay down for everyone and you have some sort of respect for yourself.

This is where a smart Fox comes in.
You know how to hold yourself high and not settle for less.
But, you know that if you want to fuck someone – you are pretty much open to it.
You treat your Foxhole like it is PREMIUM and only the strong can get up in it.
If he has nothing going for himself, he is only qualified to hit the road.

It got me thinking about being a ho and the benefits…
Stupid hoes fall for the games that most Wolves throw at them.
Smart hoes get the money, but also get a permanent reputation.
Then we have hoes just to be hoes because of popularity and online status.
But, we have no one aiming to be classy and respectable unless you are a superstar with a questionable baby bump.

Has the game changed to the point where being a ho is a badge of honor?
As Foxes, does it really guarantee success?

I started to wonder…

Are hoes really winning?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Money, Cars, and HOES… Thats All A Fox Knows.”

    1. Hahahahaha… Yeah it sorta is but no really this has been going on for a while but just behind the scenes. I have been hip to this “method” since I was 15.

  1. Jamari this is going sound mad disrespect, but to answer your question look at Malo and Trapboy. They fuck everything, given that their job, but I mean them, Kim, Amber, Draya, and so many others have monopolized being a hoe. I feel like this entry is exactly what I was referring to in the entry about wolves having a return policy. A lot of the stuff in this entry epitomizes how I think and what I feel. I agree that being a hoe isn’t persay a good thing, but I when in the cases of being a smart hoe and you getting money in the process, one can put their dignity on the shelf just to make a come up. Now again as I said before I am not putting a price tag on my body or myself but I mean when you look at it, they have fans, endorsements, TV shows and all that. So I say shit if I fake being a hoe, let me see if I can snag me a fine wolf.

  2. Well I look to Amber to answer that, from my assessment she quit trickin ( I would hope she did , i mean she is married for heavens sake ) and she get half of everything if the shit dont work out OR she get a nice settlement. 5+ million is sounding real nice considering he might only like me because I’m a hoe, but I also think and am now seeing you can make a hoe into a housewife. Clearly given the examples oh Kim and Amber lol. I’m just saying we can do better.

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