Who Wants To See Quick NFL Peen?


Well hold onto your horses Foxes…


I mean it was QUICK.
But it looked so chocolatey delicious…

I’d rather speak into THAT mic.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Who Wants To See Quick NFL Peen?”

  1. The fact that I love candid, locker room, athletes and what not is why I searched so damn hard for this.lol. Clicking the link takes me to the non mobile friendly version of worldstar…Speaking of which, are new mobile site…Well it may be kinda of racist…Its been very unkind to my Black ass.lol…Anyway I had to google worldstars mobile site, the vid wasn’t on the first page so I had to use their search bar…Im glad the vid was only 30secs cuzz it actually loaded on my phone. Damn palm pre from sprint aint worth shit…Anyway…It was worth it…I saw what looked like a big penis head…Black is beautiful mayne…Imma halfta mute that dumb White Bitch when I watch it on the comp 2moro.lol

    1. ”are new mobile site”…Should say ur new mobile site…As in your site Jamari.lol…It may be my phone though. Sprint releases the iphone and all the sudden my palmpre starts acting janky. I think it’s a conspiracy to make evryone upgrade to the iphon. Which I would gladly do if they lowered the price Ö

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