The New Light Skin-deded Wolf On The Scene


He reminds me of someone I use to know.
George is DEF young and he curses WAY too much.
He is the typical “GET SOME PIPE AND KEEP IT MOVING” Wolf.

OVERIT.COM… until a sex tape drops LOL


I’m sorry that it has come to this George.
I’m sure I’d still strap you up for a ride on the Beat It Up Train express…

Is George Hill over Foxes?

Probably not.
Me, however, is over him.
Unless he drops a sex tape or a peen pic,
I’m already bored with him.
He brought the “light” to my 2 months and now I’m moving onto another light skin-deded Wolf.

See Light Skin Wolves are like light bulbs.
They burn bright and then after a while.
they burn out.

So we put another up on Tumblr (or my site) and let them burn baby…

It is a never ending story.

I always liked a man and I’m sure this Wolf will bring us me visual pleasure,
like George, until he dies out…

Let me introduce you to him…

Everyone meet Tyson…

I don’t know where he is from..
nor do I care..
Just stand there and make me wish I had a vagina…

DO YOU SEE HIS BACK?????????????????????


Well Tyson I’m giving you “Wolf on My Minute” privileges.
That means you have a limited time to turn on the Foxes and Vixens.
That means that you WILL take more pictures and try to get into some modelling career of some sort.
Save all the street corner prophet quotes about love and “wanting love” …
… because we all know you probably ho around (and that is just what we want to imagine).

You are sex.
Embrace it.
And let us embrace you.

And don’t play that game of “I want to be taken seriously”.
You lost that card when you took your shirt off…. for almost every picture.

I’ll catch my Foxes and Vixens back here in two months if this one fails miserably.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The New Light Skin-deded Wolf On The Scene”

  1. The tats are overkill #sorry This looks like the same guy who was featured on theybf…I saw this on twitter, so I clicked his page before I clicked the link…Bio says compton…The guy on ybf was from compton as well…However I remember him having these stunning blue eyes…This must not be the guy…Hes very handsome tho…Light skin dark skin look like Michael…I dnt really have a preference…

  2. Damn comparing the two made me realize how much light-skinned dudes look alike. I’d be confused as hell in a line-up.

    Makes me proud to be a darkie. lol

  3. *puts whip cream on the screen and licks it* Yes, I like a good ole lightskinned Wolf and if he open his mouth and he has some intellect. Unlike George I beleive this wolf looks to have completed his Wolf training grades K-12.

  4. He lost the IT factor with those two pics above the rock. You’re supposed to be top notch, top notch dont take those kind of pics only “upcoming” hotties or wanna bes.

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