Let me ask you a question…

Have you thought about where you are right now?
Are you happy?
Are you satisfied?
Or, are you miserable?

Look at your surroundings…
Are you prospering?
Are you struggling?
Or, are you simply a broke mess?

Look at the people around you…
Are they doing better than you?
Are they losers with no ambition?
And, most importantly, can you trust them?

This is called SELF REFLECTION.
And I am here to tell you that currently,
I am in the begin stages of a SELF RE-INVENTION

I am fed up to be honest.
For some reason, I asked God to open up the hearts of people around me,
and people are falling out my life left and right.
I have also been seeing people for who they really are.
I am not really complaining because I am a strong advocate of BYE BYE BITCH.

But I want you to look at yourself and ask yourself:


If you aren’t then no need for you to partake in this lesson.
For those who are however,
it is time you take some me time to figure out what you are bringing into next year.
Look around and ask yourself are you really happy?

My motto for next year is:


That is for me and people around me.
I am getting rid of excess baggage.
Any liars, fakers, and phonies are on their last travels with me.
I am going to be a HELL ON WHEELS and the next destination is SUCCESS.
CONFIDENCE and SWAGGA all the way turned up.
I want people to feel physically sick by the thought of me shitting one ’em.
I will speak up more and may have to unleash my inner ASSHOLE to those who want to play me.
This new year will be about calling out the WRONG and being RIGHT.
Don’t be scared to be in some faces and shaking things up.
Trust that I am with you all the way through.
I will also be getting my map situated so I know where the hell I am going,
and not depending on random “stars” to guide me.

So if you are feeling the same as I do, let’s go all the way HARD.
One more month until we take off so get prepared.
I need my Foxes and Wolves to be ready and equipped for this new mission.

5 thoughts on “I WANT YOU TO GO HARD.

  1. I too am tired and ready to be who God has called me to be, I am letting go of bottom feeders who pretend to be my friend, I am also letting go of wishing that my crush ,will say something to me and not just stare at me like i am a video hoe ,with dd’s(smile) I have allowed the wrong people and the wrong things to play around in my mind, and the results are all my own doing, because if we allow the wrong people, and thoughts into our life then the enemy has a field day with our life,mind, heart, but i smile because after the rain comes a rainbow.I have no more tears for wishes, friend+enemy’s, thank you GOD for your loving me when i did not love myself, I have let the wrong things out my inner space, 2012 is all about results and putting to use what i have allowed to stay closed, like my voice.I will speak to my mountains, I will tell my enemy’s to stay in the lane that they can handle, i am much to blessed and smart to allow you into my space again,because i have learned the lesson when we get it we do not ever repeat it (THANK GOD). 2012 is all about meeting my life partner and being who I have become, I am now my true self, dl men and men who are not true to self can move on, people who are mean, nasty in spirit and in words can move on, bottom feeders both male and female can move on, Lets remember that the enemy comes to steal kill and destroy. I felt the enemy test me for two years because i saw a man and built a life in my head for a man i am and was to scared to get to know, I lost me in this crazy thing I call crush, I am getting over my crazy enemy induced dream, I now see that if the enemy did all this than i must be getting ready to enter my new season with blessings that will bring me my happiness, money, love yes I want LOVE true, GOD given love, with a truth teller, real self loving person who want to be loved in return. 2012 is all about getting what we have worked so hard to learn and become.LETS ALL REMEMBER TO SHARE A SMILE WITH EACH OTHER AND SMILE OR NOD TO EACH OTHER WHEN WE ARE IN THE SAME SPACE BECAUSE WE SHARE THE SAME LIKES WHICH THE WORLD SAYS IS GAY, DL, TRANS, BI WE SHARE DNA ALL FROM DIFFERENT MOTHERS BUT WE SHARE DNA (GAY).LOVE AND BLESSING’S.

  2. I’m all for it J. I began self-realization a lil while now and then got complacent all over again. But its over now and my true Fox is coming out…I’m on my dream-hunt making things happen for me the way I wish! All packed and ready to go captain…

  3. I’m definitely not where I wanna be in life…we always gotta look around and make sure our lives are moving in the right direction.

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