Left, Right, The Side, Down The Middle, or The Back Door

the path either goes:

in a circle

whatever you choose will either get you to your destination:

back to where you started

not at all

it just takes one decision to change your life forever.
it’s valentine’s day and i have a lot of shit on my mind.
not on some “i need love” shit.
i’m good.
something else…
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Memoirs of an Invisible Star Fox


i’m so proud of star fox today.
he has come such a long way.
when we first met,
i saw something within him.
it was like he glowed.
he latched onto me really quickly.
i remember when we use to talk about what he wanted in his life.
it always seemed like he was always going through something.
if he was to write a book,
i know it would be a best seller.
star fox is currently working behind the scenes of a video shoot….

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So, Ummmmm, Where Do We Go From Here?

Sometimes I wonder what road to choose…

That was the thought going through my head last night.
I was in the studio, sitting on the couch, and watching an artist record.
I like what I am doing now because it is 100% with my career moves.
But… my money is so damn funny.

I know you all have been in this… tight spot.
You are put in a put in a position where you have to choose what may supply you with pleasure.
You can take one road that looks like it is going in a right direction.
It is what EVERYONE thinks you should do.

Then, you see the other road.
It is harder and has more bumps, but you know the outcome would probably be better.

So what do you do?
What do you choose?

When it comes to life:

Are you on the right path?

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Let me ask you a question…

Have you thought about where you are right now?
Are you happy?
Are you satisfied?
Or, are you miserable?

Look at your surroundings…
Are you prospering?
Are you struggling?
Or, are you simply a broke mess?

Look at the people around you…
Are they doing better than you?
Are they losers with no ambition?
And, most importantly, can you trust them?

This is called SELF REFLECTION.
And I am here to tell you that currently,
I am in the begin stages of a SELF RE-INVENTION

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Jamari Fox Doesn’t Settle.

I hate when people brush their insecurities and restrictions off on me.
I hate when people tell me I cannot do something or something is impossible.

“A baller? You can’t get a baller?”
“A house? You can’t afford a house.”
“That career? Yeah right.”

I had an assholes tell me I’m chasing a dream.
A fantasy.
Something that doesn’t exist.

Do they know who the FUCK they are talking too?

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