Left, Right, The Side, Down The Middle, or The Back Door

the path either goes:

in a circle

whatever you choose will either get you to your destination:

back to where you started

not at all

it just takes one decision to change your life forever.
it’s valentine’s day and i have a lot of shit on my mind.
not on some “i need love” shit.
i’m good.
something else…

so the pretty vixen sent me an email today.
it was for an opening at her job.
i’m so grateful she is looking out for me..
the job is something i do not want to do by the description.
the job will literally have me on my feet all day,
running around,
and being a slave for that office.

been there; done that
a few times now.

it’s not even in my career field of fashion and entertainment.
my issue is,
i don’t want to take it,
but i don’t want to miss out on an opportunity for a check.
something i’ve done before and it always ended with me being unhappy.
you know the stories.
i am currently trying to pursue my career as a blogger/writer.
my thing is,
if i turn this down…

Will I regret it if i need a job?

…or do we not live in regrets?
do we stand by our decisions and continue on the path?
that’s the issue with making decisions.
you don’t get a cheat sheet to tell you if you’re making the right choice.
plus i know folks who worked with their friends and it was disaster.
most friendships end once you work together.

i reached out to the ceo wolf to ask him for some advice on my dilemma.
if anything,
he can steer me in the right direction with some words of wisdom.
of course,
i like to ask the foxhole as well.
i definitely need it.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Left, Right, The Side, Down The Middle, or The Back Door

  1. I’ve always wondered what the strong opposition to regret was. I’ve found that I’m much more at peace when owning the fact that I definitely have a regret or two. It surprisingly keeps me from beating myself up over it. However, it looks like it’s not worth it if you’re feeling that strongly opposed to it. That’s a recipe for disaster, in my opinion. The key word is “feeling.” Your gut never steers you wrong.

      1. Don’t take the job man because it is just that a job. No point especially when it will leave you completely unfulfilled. Plus this could be a test from the ‘God’. Maybe this is a out before the true test begins. What are you doing to find your true path though? You can’t rush you passion to you but the one thing you can’t get back is “Your Time”. What path is ‘The Most High’ trying to push you towards? It’s gonna be a ride man but if you stay on the train the destination will be worth it.

  2. I say go ahead and apply for the job Jamari. Do the job so it pays for your bills, then while working see about pursing your career in a blogger/ writer.

  3. Whew it’s a tough corner to be in I feel where you are coming from but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I say take the job but go into it as a temporary thing, keep looking for jobs in your career path don’t go into it and get comfortable.( which is hard as fuck to do sometimes because jobs have a way of taking over your life). Being able to take of yourself comes first .

    If you take this job it just means that you’re going to have to put more into pursuing your dream of being a full-time blogger/ writer . ( not saying you haven’t been putting in your work because I understand it’s not easy) continue to look for freelance work and writing gigs while your working a 9 to 5.

    Maybe reach out to other bloggers who have found success and who wouldn’t mind mentoring or giving advice to you. I’m kinda hoping the CEO can do something like this or give you an opportunity ( like he said he maybe would be able to do).

    I could see you working at buzzfeed or something like that where you get to be creative while still working on your own personal projects.

    Whatever you decide the foxhole got you

    1. ^this job seems like it’s going to have more than what i’m use to.
      it will take over my life.
      i’ll be getting texts and calls all throughout the night.
      i don’t know if i want that.

      1. I feel you! if you feel like it’s gonna take over then don’t go for it. I was giving advice from a traditional practical standpoint and not understanding that with you being a creative the safe way isn’t always the best way.

        Like I said whatever you decide to do you got my support.

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